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Why Romeo And Juliet's Love Is Real And Not An Infatuation

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True love is one of the most genuine, not to mention precious feelings in the world. In Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, a pair of lovers denotes the strength of true love and it's ability to overcome nearly all obstacles. However, this kind of love is a rarity due to it's pureness but somehow many cheap imitations are still mistaken for real love. Romeo and Juliet's love is authentic and by no means an infatuation seeing as first of all, they both risk their lives to see each other and would rather die than be separated. Juliet also has an unusual level of loyalty towards her partner for her age which supports the idea of true love. In addition, throughout the play, Romeo's demeanour started to change and he began to mature in a considerably short period of time. Young love is a petty sentiment nonetheless when it develops into a fully-fledged unconditional love, both partners will begin to evolve and will do nearly ...view middle of the document...

2.63-65). This moment in the play allows Romeo to evince the measures he is inclined to take to even just catch a glimpse of her. He stresses his longing to be with her and even declares that his “life were better ended by their hate/Than death prorogued, wanting of thy love” (2.2.77-78). Despite the fact that Romeo seems to fall in and out of love very easily, his love for Juliet is surely concrete because he took action as opposed to returning home and bawling about how he cannot get past her guards or about the difficulty of climbing the stone wall. As a matter of fact, he scarcely seems to notice the barriers he had just overcame until Juliet questions him about it. Considering that they do indeed take their own lives at the end of the play confirms the validity of Romeo's statement. What they both do is radical because ordinarily when one's spouse passes away, the remaining partner would not commit suicide immediately, but would most likely mull in their own sadness and develop depression. Knowing that they both committed suicide in the end further establishes the extent to which the couple love each other because it attests to their perception that life is not worth living without the other.
Loyalty is a trait that develops as a child grows older starting from the trust that a newborn would place in it's mother. This trust can quickly blossom and spread to other family members, friends, and at some point lovers. The love that Juliet has for Romeo is so ardent that her devotion towards him has allowed her to overlook practically all of his faults. Juliet even goes as far as to shield him against the nurse's imprecations for killing Tybalt: “Shall I speak ill of him that is my husband?” (3.2.97). Moreover, not only is she able to defend Romeo in opposition to the nurse, Juliet is somehow capable of justifying her husband's wrongdoings giving the impression that her love for Romeo has alleviated her loyalty towards him to a point at which she has absolutely no dubiety in his actions. In a like manner such that Juliet held the importance of Romeo's views before her nurse's, Juliet also displeased her parents by refusing to marry Paris.

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