Why Say No To Immgration Reform?

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Why Say No To Immigration Reform??
There are some many immigrants that visit the United States every year and stay when they know they don’t have the papers to stay in the country. When there are many people that pay to become a citizen of these United States. What I mean is it’s just not fair for the people waiting to be qualified when immigrant just stay in the country for free it like they have the easy end of the stick. Immigration reform I feel is it just an easier way to get into the Untied States without citizenship and it’s just not fair to anyone trying to get in.
One reason immigration reform is a safety caution for are country is that it can be very expensive. Think about it why should we be paying English speaking class when some people don’t even talk the time to learn the language of a country is useless for them to be here if they can even understand a single word were saying. There are some many other things they can spent on then money then helping foreigners with ESL classes if there even willing to understand. Also many immigrants are here to find jobs with the lowest pay so what’s the use for all this English learning classes if there no even going to take the time to take them. I’m just saying it pretty unless if you tell me.
Second reason is with more immigrants can lead to more terrorist, criminals, drug deals, and others to easily enter the US. This is like 9/11, as we already know the terrorist that came were told to becoming into the state “legally”. Also many Drug Deals come from the Central and South Parts of the Americas. One thing for sure it can expand additional opportunities to enter the country and create a whole enterprises for all criminals, terrorist, drug deals, and other to test in the Untied States cause a big havoc to the whole of the United States. This can also in some ways sky rocket the amount of crimes that are happen throughout the country. It can also jeopardize the United States for all we know.
Third reason my less paying American works have to compete with immigrants in the job market. Even though the economy is getting better there are till many Americans that are unemployed. Maybe it’s the lack of opportunity of the lack of skill but citizen are forced to go back to the bottom and start from the beginning. But that doesn’t have to happen if millions of new worker seeking jobs, it lowers the amount of jobs available. Also the economic law of supply and demand should push the wages down from where they should be.
Fourth Reason the emigration to the United States can hurt are home Country because most of the people that migrated are majority of the male population workers and top intellectuals often leave there homeland. But...

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