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Why Schools Should Have Classes That Have To Do With Different Cultures

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Have you ever thought about your child not being able to survive in the world?Or not understanding how to respect other cultures?Or why your child gets bullied?Well, it all has to do with schools having classes that have to do with different cultures. Good reasons that support this idea include:children can survive in the world,learn how to respect other cultures, and if a studentlearns of or knows of another culture and beliefs it will help prevent bullying.
As a parent you know that your child needs to survive in the world in the future because you will not be there with them every second like you do now. So it is important to teach your child the skills they need in the ...view middle of the document...

So why can’t they learn everything they need for life here in school? It is essential that schools need to tech thungs that have to do with other cultures and beliefs.
You have always wanted everyone to love your child. What might happen to that love when your child does not respect other cultures? Scholastic’s article Teaching "Diversity": A Place to Begin states that, “As our nation grows increasingly diverse, there has never been a better opputunity for us to learn to live respectfully together and benefit from one another’s wisdom and experiences.” Many cultures have different things that teach wisdom. For example, Christians have the Bible, Hindus have the Ramayan and Mahabharatam which are long poems that teach morals and the Bhagavad gita. Different cultures have many things. If we put together the pieces of wisdom children can follow these wise principles and lead a successful life because of them.
Your child comes home crying and you ask why. They say they got bullied. Yo ask why and they say they do not know. There are multiple reasons but the one I am going to talk about is culture differences.sometimes kids get bullied because of what they believe in. Soud sill right. But it is true. The...

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