Why Schools Shouldn't Have Dress Codes

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Rheanne Sargent was given in-school suspension last October for dying her hair pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and she isn’t the only one. All over the country students are being sent home or punished because their hair color isn’t “natural” or their clothing is “unprofessional”. This is unfair and unjust punishment to students who are just trying to express themselves through clothing or hair. Schools should only be able to enforce a clothing dress code if it is proven that it is distracting or harmful.

Furthermore, students should have the ability to change their style or the way they look.
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People dying their hair different colors were never proven to be distracting, especially the cases when they only partially dye their hair. According to an article, Rheanna Sargent was given in school suspension for dyeing her hair partially pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month. She was supporting a cause that was trying to cure Breast Cancer, but instead of raising awareness she was given in-school suspension. Her hair color was never proved a distraction and she was still suspended for supporting her cause. This exemplifies that Rheanne was deprived of her First Amendment rights. The Constitution might not protect unruly or disruptive clothing on school ground but her hair color was not proven to be a distraction. Additionally, a girl was suspended for dying her hair bright red. However, she won her case and was let back into school with her hair color. She protested and said,” 'I didn't want it to be such a big issue. I just wanted to go to school. I felt harassed. It got to the point where I have anxiety going to school.’ 'It's never been a problem before. It's my First Amendment right for freedom of expression and it's being taken away.” It took a bit of protesting but she was let back into school because she stated that she got the color from L'Oreal box so it was a natural color for some people. This proves that students have to protest and make a fuss to change their own hair color. Pupils shouldn’t need to fight to change their hair color. Another student, Ariana Lacono was suspended 4 times for having a small nose stud. She belongs to a little-known religion called the Church of Body Modification which supports piercings and tattoos to show their faith. Even when she said this, she was still suspended because she wouldn’t cover it with a Band-Aid till she graduated in four years. The First Amendment clearly states freedom of religion, and she shouldn’t have to renounce her family’s beliefs. After all, they are in school for at least 8 years, they should be able to change their hair color during that time. There are more important things that schools should be worrying...

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