Why Should A Person Study Marketing?

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Since I was a little gir,l I have always wondered who comes up with the advertising for all of the products we purchase. After several years of pondering that thought, I concluded that I wanted to be that person. Knowing this, I have researched advertising and find it extremely interesting how someone you don’t even know can convince you that you need to buy a specific product. Somewhere in the world a person has dedicated hours worth of hard work to make whatever advertisement speak to you personally. Understanding consumer behaviours, coping with change and complexity, taking advantage of social media, are all traits that are used in marketing, all traits that I wish to master, in order to become a successful marketer. So, why should I rationally study marketing? All day, everyday, we are bombarded with different marketing strategies, most of which go unnoticed, but that make us feel like we must buy the product. This intriguing fact leads me to believe this career to be the most contemporary and relevant for me to study, because it involves the day-to-day life of all of us. Important factors like salaries, potential job growth, and possible companies to work in, are all promising and encourage me to pursue this career.
A good salary is one of the most important things one seeks when finding the right job. Usually becoming specialized in a particular field within a career boosts salaries. Typically a brand manager in 2014 will make a median annual salary of
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$93,532 in the US and a marketing manager will make $119,480 (“All Business Schools”) annually. These two specific specializations are the ones I am most interested in. Salaries at this level make for a total of $9956 per month, enough to completely cover of the costs, that I think, I will have when I am working. Paying off any school debt and costs while living alone like rent, grocery shopping, and utilities will be covered by a salary from a marketing career.
As with almost all careers, the higher the degree you hold, the higher your salary. Most jobs require a one-year period of experience in the field, so my senior year in college I plan to work part-time in a company in the marketing sector. This way I will gain the required expertise and work experience so I can get a good full-time position. While getting this experience I will ensure that I am able to obtain a job and become successful in my position, getting an Masters of Business Administration (MBA) will also be critical. Having an MBA in the field can add from $2000 to $7000 (“All Business Schools”) per year on your salary and can additionally allow you to start out in higher-level management jobs. I plan to get an MBA while I am working, so I can pay my way through the MBA. Companies often offer to pay for the MBA, give you a loan, or to discount it from your salary because it makes you a better asset for their company.
As in many careers a gender gap exists in the marketing field. Unfortunately this could...

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