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Why Should Gay Couples Be Allowed To Adopt?

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Thomas Jefferson quotes in the Declaration of Independence “all men are created equal” (Jefferson par 1). What exactly does this mean? It means that all men are to have the same rights. No one should be treated more superiorly and have more opportunities. Gay adoption is an extremely controversial issue in our world today. Many people believe that it should be banned, and that homosexuals should not experience the same rights that heterosexuals get. How does this viewpoint compare to what Thomas Jefferson said? Homosexuals are the same as anyone else in the world and offer just as much to the upbringing of a child. Just because a person lives a different way than other people does not mean they should have their rights taken from them. Same-sex people should be allowed to adopt children just like the rest of the world without shame. Loving and supporting a child every day is all that matters when becoming a parent. Anyone can be a parent as long as they are adequately equipped to become one. If a homosexual couple is capable to be loving, nurturing, and dedicated just as a heterosexual couple, then they should equally have the same rights to adopt.

Many people say that a child needs a mother and father figure to be raised right and to provide both viewpoints of gender. Some other people believe that gender does not matter when parenting. Society needs to set aside its differences and do what is best for the thousands of kids that are without a loving family. Denying these kids a home just because two individuals of the same sex love each other is injustice. Many people fear that children adopted by gay and lesbian couples do less well in life, these people are completely unfounded. The Independent website states that gay and lesbian parents are at least as good at coping with the demands of parenting ( The family life or quality of relationships are very similar for children regardless of their parents’ sexual orientation. Studies show that children who are raised by same-sex couple are just as normal as any other children ( Children who are parented by two gay parents are grown up to be just as well adjusted and successful as children with male and female parents. A child would choose a loving home with the same-sex parents, over no home and no parents. Two good parents who are the same-sex are better than no parents at all.

Children from the same-sex household do not suffer any disadvantages, than any other children. The vast majority of children who are from a gay household are not bullied at school. Growing up in a gay couple household will not make a child gay. In the LGBT Adoption Facts page it says that there are no conclusive evidence that homosexuality is linked to one’s environment ( Many people believe that a child turns to be gay from their same-sex parents. This is false, since children are actually more influenced by the interactions with their parents, than by their sexual...

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