Why Should Development Of Bio Energy Be Continued

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In 2013 International Energy Conference, Amery Robbins who is a global scholar in the field of alternative energy said “Bio energy is hope for humanity confronted with exhaustion of fossil fuel." Bio energy refers to renewable energy made available from materials derived from biological sources such as crop, straw, manure, and many other byproducts from agricultural processes. Bio energy has positive prospect widely known, but it also has fatal disadvantages, such as economically low efficiency, environmental pollution and causing an increase of food price. Opposition forces insist on prohibiting development of bio energy due to its problems. However, despite its negative aspects, countries must continue to develop bio energy which is efficient, eco-friendly, and not affecting food security negatively.
In the first place, bio energy can be an efficient alternative. First of all, production of various types of bio energy is possible. For example, it can be generated as electric, heat or gas types of energy. Variety of forms improves usability. Increased usability naturally leads to elevation of efficiency. Also, biomass can be material of plastic, fiber, too. Moreover, it is important to utilize physical nature of bio energy. Bio energy has the same physical nature with fossil fuel, so to use infrastructure of fossil fuel is possible. Therefore, the costs of production, including rent for land, capital investment and establishment of a factory are lower. Furthermore, to utilize established export pipeline of fossil fuel can lower shipping price when bio energy is transported to other countries. As a result, cost inefficiency of bio energy can be solved. In addition, bio energy has sustainable characteristic. Bio energy is able to use organism as its limitless base material. Also, some kinds of bio energy can be easily produced if there are light and carbon.
In the second place, next generation bio energy contributes to improvement of environment. Most of all, to remove pollutant is crucial characteristic of bio energy. Garbage is able to be raw material of bio energy even though it is not recyclable. For instance, ‘Fulcrum Bioenergy Company’ plans to establish its factory on Nevada waste disposal site until 2015. Animal dung that is more fatal than industrial waste is also one kind...

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