Why Should I Help? Essay

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They don’t understand. They never have and they certainly never will. I would surely try to let them know, but I am afraid myself. I do not have what it takes to be a part of their horror. They are weak and only have words to back them up. I know for a fact they all breathe wisps of fire. Their words are shards of glass I can so easily cut myself on when I dwell for too long. But they don’t notice. They are oblivious to all that surrounds them. If only they knew...
I aimlessly walk for hours on end. The forest is dead of life and the only presence above me is a small singing bird. I know I am alone. I always have been. Sometimes, I wonder what it is like to be in the presence of another. How does it feel to find comfort in the eyes of the one beside you?
Contrasting hues of blue and pink illuminate the sky, signifying that dusk is nearing. This worries me. I have a goal that I so desperately need to reach. I cannot return without having gained the cruelness and drive similar to one of them. I am not accepted the way I am. So I decide I must continue searching.
Ahead is another flock of the beautiful red birds. Amongst the towering trees I am able to point out more and more of them. They give me a sense of comfort. Maybe I wasn’t alone. But that sliver of hope does not stay with me for long.
A pathway has been cleared by countless footsteps. A blanket of leaves conceals the ground, making subtle crunching noises as I step over it. I am restless now. Perhaps I should just give up. I’ll never reach the royalty they are. I can’t keep thinking that there is even the slightest chance of success because there really isn’t. I can’t go on. Stupid am I to think they would even look at me differently. They are fools, but I am no different.
I sink to the ground, leaning against a rough tree. Breathing takes effort and the bark feels like sandpaper. Even running my fingers across the trunk draws small spots of blood. Giving up is now the route I’ll gladly take. I will not die and be remembered: only they will. I feel tears strike up like a match. It’s always my fault anyways. Failure is my only option: but then I see it.
People, faces I can recognize instantly, pour out of a tall building with round lights. They flood the streets with looks of hope, joy, and awe: every possible positive emotion. I stand above all as if I’m a cloud in the bright blue sky, catching all the commotion in the streets. A large poster hangs over the building and I quickly notice my own face on it. Before I can further examine it, I am forced into reality by a bird’s song. The melody is calming and beautiful, unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. A split second passes and the bird spins to the ground with an arrow through its neck. Suddenly I realize that they are here.
Of course they take away and kill whatever brings me joy or I find beautiful. Constantly they’re finding ways to disappoint me and destroy everything. I then swiftly move behind a large tree and take off...

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