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Why Should Not Expand The Ivs

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In 2003, Hong Kong faced with the economic plight due to the outbreak of SARS. In order to rescue Hong Kong’s economy, Hong Kong signed the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) with China, and Individual Visit Scheme (IVS) is one of the measures under this arrangement. IVS allows the residents of partial China’s provincial cities to visit Hong Kong on an individual basis, which means they can visit Hong Kong at any time they prefer. For historical reasons, it is difficult for mainland people to travel to Hong Kong before the IVS launched. Doubtless, Hong Kong’s economy has rehabilitated by IVS successful in the past ten years. But the situation has changed, Hong Kong people no ...view middle of the document...

Our transport system, tourist attraction, accommodation and restaurant have already achieved or even surpassed the capacity. Our transport system, especially the MTR has already surpassed the capacity long time ago. Some rail lines such as East Rail Line, Tseung Kwan O Line are over 100% load factor, the other is also nearly reach 100% load factor. The result of lack of long-term transport system planning, all Hong Kong citizens are suffering from it since the MTR train is one of the most important transport that Hong Kong people are relying on.
Another problem that is caused by the IVS is that all the major tourist attractions are occupied by mainland traveler. Some tourist attractions, such as Ocean Park, Disneyland and Ngong Ping 360, have to involve crowd control to maintain the order especially in the peak season.
Although losing those tourist attractions may not truly matter to most Hong Kong residents, the actual trouble is the chain reaction causing from the IVS. Due to the increasing of demand, all local residents have to endure the higher and higher inflation rate. The IVS put the pressure on local resources specifically in those tourist attraction regions. The issue not only applicable to retail rents, but the applicable daily necessities. For instance, local worker cannot have lunch within the lunch period since all the restaurant is full of mainland travellers.
When it comes to IVS, most people receive a faulty impression that mainland visitor can benefit our economic system. In fact, the benefit comes from the IVS is no longer significant. According to “Assessment Report on Hong Kong's capacity to receive tourists” shows that there are only 1.3% GDP contributed by IVS, and it created 3% jobs in the local job market. Which stands for no matter extend or not, or even cancel the IVS, it will not cause a big effect on our economic system. Moreover, IVS causes the inflation keep rising, this disadvantage outweigh the economic benefit of IVS. As a result, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
In a matter of fact, the overall image of HK residents about individual visitors is bad. According to the survey that Findings on Views about the Individual Visit Scheme, which conducted by Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK, 61.1% people agree that “the mainland visitor brought inconvenience to...

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