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Why Should Profanity Be Illegal In Public?

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Freedom of speech is one of the most necessary and most commonly exercised rights allowed to the people of the United States. It is also, sadly, one of the most abused. I believe strongly that more should be done to stop our citizens from bringing filthy language into our streets and businesses. I believe this for 3 reasons: 1.) Works of media or art are diminished by the use of profanity. 2.) Children exposed to profanity in a public setting may come to believe that profanity is an acceptable form of language, rather than the gruff set of exclamations and insults that they are. 3.) It makes the American people appear less intelligent and, to be put simply, crude and uncivilized.
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Some of the most impressionable and susceptible victims of indecent language in public are young children. As we grow up, we learn many things by what psychologists call modeling. In modeling, we look at another person, (our model), and we learn how to do things the way that he or she did them. When children hear people in public swear, it is very possible that they will pick up these choice words and use them as if they were normal parts of our language. Sadly, they may have become just that over the years, but this doesn’t have to continue to be the trend! Hypothetically, if officers of the law give citations for public indecency in the cases of drunkenness or other undesirable behaviors in public, why couldn’t they give the same citations for indecent language? This is just a hypothesis of course, but it is an interesting possibility to think on.
Even if a person didn’t want to remove cursing from their media or blurting out profanities in public, one must acknowledge the prominent benefits of a well-structured vocabulary. If one has a solid understanding of the words he or she hears on TV, in literature, on the internet, or in other forms of...

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