Why Should Public Schools Mandate Uniforms?

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To many Americans the idea of school uniforms is like an old-fashioned concept. School uniforms have always been a contentious topic in the United States because of the culture adopted by most Americans. Unless a child attends a private educational institution, wearing specific uniforms is not practiced by children. A common argument today is that whether uniforms should be mandated in public school system. Why do more than half public schools now enforce dress codes (Toppo)? There are many different benefits for having uniforms in schools. Uniforms in public schools decrease economic problems for schools and parents, reduce social barriers between students, encourage discipline, and create a safe environment.
Uniforms policies also result in decreased economic problems for schools and parents. They reduce in the possible harassment based on differences between economic standing among students. Not every student has parents who are rich and due to the differences noticed by the clothes a student might wear, they are bullied and/or harassed. School uniforms are beneficial to all families by decreasing clothing costs (Firmin, Smith and Perry, 143-168). This is very important to low income and low budget families because uniforms would save money. Since uniform increases efficiency of a student, funding could be directly used in educational programs rather than disciplinary and administrative functions. Therefore, dress policies at schools benefit schools and parents economically.
Uniforms in public schools system have reduced social barriers between students. Uniforms promote equality for all students regardless of income or status. There would be absolutely no controversy created over who has the most fashionable clothes in school. Wearing same clothes as other students removes pressure for most students to dress in a certain way to impress fellow classmates. In the U.S. Department of Education’s publication “Manual on School Uniforms,” cited many potential positive effects of school uniforms and one of them was “helping to resist peer pressure” (Daniels). Furthermore, low income students would not feel like they are being treated poorly because they can’t afford brand name clothing. Since students are put in an equal environment they have a better self-confidence than the ones who do not have school uniforms. Thus, uniforms decrease the social differences between students by increasing self-esteem, helping to oppose peer pressure, and providing equality.
Another benefit of having uniform dress policies at schools is that uniforms encourage discipline. Uniforms let students focus on learning without the unnecessary distractions and improve sense of school spirit and community. They also help limit inappropriate dress and remove the need for extensive monitoring. “According to the study, principals identified the following effects of school uniforms: 79 percent believed uniforms positively affected classroom discipline; 67 percent saw an...

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