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Why Should Pulling The Plug Laws Be Different?

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Ethics are always going to be an issue because of the different race, belief, etc. But should pulling the plug on life-support be a part of that issue? Absolutely not.
In every death there is some kind of issue, but recently, ‘pulling the plug’ has become an even worse one. When a loved one dies we all deal with in it different ways, anything to cope with it, but when can we consider it as too far? In my personal opinion, the case of Jahi McMath has gone extremely too far. ‘She was pronounced brain dead on December 9th, 2013 by the coroners office after suffering from rare complications.’ (McCullough, Laurence. Ethicists criticize treatment of teen, Texas patient) Jahi has been placed on a ventilator, but she is a vegetable. Her heart is artificially beating and has also ‘had one tube inserted in her throat and another into her stomach to pump nutrition’ (McCullough, Laurence. Ethicists criticize treatment of teen, Texas ...view middle of the document...

Ethicists criticize treatment of teen, Texas patient) Her brain stem was active, allowing her to breathe on her own. Schiavo’s family fought a long court battle over to remove her feeding tube. They had lots of different opinions on her wishes to be left on life support or die. Eventually her husband gave in and took the feeding tube out. She was pronounced dead 2 weeks later. I feel like the husband was pressured to do this, but how do you just keep feeding someone who is already dead?

With that being said, I feel completely different about the case in Texas.
33 year old ‘Munoz suffered an apparent blood clot in her lungs in November when she was 14 weeks pregnant.’ (McCullough. Ethicists criticize treatment of teen, Texas patient) Her husband says she is brain dead and wants her off of life support. However, the hospital is describing her as seriously ill, stating that she is not brain dead and in intensive care unit. They will not take her off of life support because they are following Texas state law, “a person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment from a pregnant patient.” (Ethicists criticize treatment of teen, Texas patient) Munoz suffered a blood clot which caused her to lose oxygen from the brain. Because of this, her fetus could also be affected.
In this case, the plug should be pulled, not because her body is shutting down, but because what are the long term effects for the baby? Chances are it will be malnutrition and may have a harder time alive than being let go with its mother. In this case, there are a lot of ethical and political issues because of the question ‘How do we know what will happen to the baby until it is delivered?’ We don’t know, and I believe every person should have a chance at life, but there is also a point where we have to help these babies and let them go.
In my opinion no matter how long they drag this controversy out, there is always going to be a problem with who decides to pull the plug. The families should have the first option to pull the plug, but after a certain amount of time and after the doctors have exhausted all of their options, the family should then be informed they’ve done all they can do and doctors should take them off of life support.

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