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Why Should Students Eat In The Gym?

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Eating at school has always been a war between students and teachers. Finding a compromise between pupils and supervisors was never possible, but a great idea has been in place since last year. The students should be eating their lunch in the gymnasium instead of eating in the hallways. There are many good reasons to do so. The janitors have an easier job of cleaning up after the students, the social activity level is concentrated in the gym and it is a much safer environment to eat in.

Initially, when this rule was not yet established, students would eat everywhere in the school. Consequently, our janitor and our lunch supervisors worked harder than they should have been. Cleaning one single designated area is a lot easier than cleaning a whole entire school; hence, the gym was the most logical answer. The secluded area of the school’s “cafeteria” is a more easily kept area, because you do not need to tread throughout the school cleaning every hallway and stairwell that students have been eating in. By the same token, the appearance of the school will be enhanced which will make it more aesthetically appealing to newcomers. This rule also encourages most students to eat outside during warm days because most of them do not like to follow the new rules that teachers make. The latter fact lowers the amount of garbage and food spills that happen in the gym. Once most of the students leave, the janitor’s job is much easier; the only thing that is left for our custodian to do is sweep the gymnasium within a fraction of the time it used to take him to clean the whole school. Unlike before, this method decreases the bulk of the janitor’s work which leads to a cleaner school and more newcomers.

Furthermore, before this rule was established, social interactions between students would happen everywhere in the school. As well as that, most newcomers would take a long time to make friends. When this regulation was not yet established, there were many drawbacks for teachers and students as well. Teachers would always have a rough lunchtime and this would end in crankiness after lunch; some teachers would be unpleasant to most students because of how they felt. Also, with this rule now established, social interactions are more common between students that are in different grades. This increases the amount of respect between classes and now, students learn to know each other better and make friends in a shorter amount of time because they feel more comfortable...

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