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Why Should Teens Have Access To Birth Control

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Teens should have access to birth control, not to increase sexual
activity, but to limit the chances of them getting pregnant and to help them regulate irregular periods.
Birth control limits the chances of the teen getting pregnant. Birth control contains the changes by giving the woman’s body a combination of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. These hormones prevents ovulation. Ovulation is when the egg or eggs are released from the uterus, the most fertile time for the woman. The birth control pill also works by thickening the mucus in the uterus so that it is extremely hard for the ...view middle of the document...

That’s why the doctor makes the woman or teen come back for a check-up in about a month(Corson). Heart attack: The chances of the birth control pill causing the teen or woman to have a heart attack is slim to none, unless you smoke(Cooper). Blood clots: There is an increased risk for the woman or teen taking the birth control to have blood clots in their legs or lungs. The for oral contraceptives is 6 times higher than for any other form of contraceptive(Cooper). Migraines and strokes: Women and teens who have previously have taken the birth control pill have had problems with increased migraines or having a stroke(Cooper). Depression: Depression and mood swings are most common in women or teens that take the pill(Lindsey). Bleeding or spotting: Bleeding or spotting is most common when the woman or teen forgets to take her pills(Lindsey). Weight gain: Most teens and women report slight weight gain. This is caused by fluid retention or estrogen - induced fat deposited in the teen's or woman's breast, thighs, and hips. Weight gain can also be related to increased amount of food the teen intakes with mimimul exercise(Schinder).
Just like there are disadvantages to taking the pill there are advantages! Highly effective: the pill is a highly reliable contraceptive, exceeding 99%. Reduce risk ovarian cysts: The birth control pill helps reduce your risk of ovarian cysts because they help prevent ovulation. An ovarian cyst is a fluid- filled growth that gets bigger and bigger during...

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