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Why Should The Internet Have More Restrictions?

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Why should the internet have more restrictions?
Violent websites or videos that are posted to the internet are becoming more popular and aggressive. In the past 12 months 5% of youth, 10-15 years of age, have reported engaging in seriously violent behavior such as aggravated and sexual assault, and 38% reported exposure to violence online and off-line were associated with violent crimes. (Ybarra 929) Tested websites included news related websites that showed terrorism, war, and death. As a teenage female living in a virtual world, I know for a fact that anyone has access to view pornography or violence at the click of their finger. Even relaxing on social media websites have become a danger to the minds of youth from all the inappropriate ads that pop up to the side. I believe the government should restrict internet content because child pornography, hate speech, and websites inciting violence are all readily accessible to Americans.
Child pornography is just the start
Child pornography is the blueprint for predators to execute sexual assault (Winder and Gough). Child pornography is not only a problem but is illegal. Sexual assault is only one of the end results that child pornography can lead into. Most of the photos that these pedophiles are viewing are more than likely staged enjoyment at the expense of these innocent children since most of them are being sexual abused. Sexual offenders all have “sexual fantasies”, just like Tom Carroll, a self-confessed pedophile, who has stated “and of course, having seen photographs of adults engaged in sexual acts with children, in which the latter definitely appeared to have been enjoying the experience, I was sustained by a hope that one day I might do such things myself” (Winder and Gough). This was a quote stated by Tom on the topic of children smiling and “enjoying” having pictures taken of their sexual abuse and then later updated to the internet to be viewed. Off-line offenders do not have anything to base their expectations on, so sexual assault is the beginning of their “blueprint”.
Terrorism starts with hate speech
The internet has become a cesspool for online hate speech towards different races and material possessions. History shows how cruel people can be to one another and if we don’t allow better restrictions to commence soon, we will be responsible for any damage brought to the world through the internet. The Neo-Nazi’s used low restrictions on the internet to their advantage in the early stages of website creations by using bulletin board systems already in the pre-World Wide web page (Eissens). Terrorist groups use the internet to promote their personal beliefs of how governments or people are undesirable. There are quite a few websites that terrorist have used to...

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