Why Should We Study Sociology? Essay

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We should study Sociology because it can affect all aspects of our lives, each and every day and learn valuable lessons from the studies and improve our living. We can use Sociology change our lives today, so that tomorrow will be better for ourselves, children, and so on. Not only is Sociology good for our lives as a person, but it is useful to our neighbors, co-workers, government, state, country and in fact, the entire world benefits from the study of human behavior.
Once a person has studied Sociology, they can consider and appreciate other human's perspectives instead of believing that your own perspective is the only answer. This will assist them in their job to be more understanding of their customers, co-workers and bosses which will make everyone involved happier. It can also increase production if that person happens to work in an industrial type environment. If the person worked in the healthcare field, this would help them understand patients that come in and are from another region or country. If the person works for the government, the same rules can apply. The end result of this example is happier, healthier people and increased production.

How to Sociologists study human behavior properly?
It is imperative that Sociologists use proper research methods so the data is not skewed in anyway. If there are mistakes, this could be very time consuming to repair and give false data which will give us an incorrect answer to the objective. The most important step in conducting a study is to plan carefully. The plan should consist of six (6) items, but some researchers do not follow them in the exact order. This will not be crucial to the end result since it is sometimes difficult to choose a topic without reviewing the literature first.
The first step should be to choose a topic that best fits the question to be researched or investigated. Choosing a topic sounds relatively easy, but since humans are very complex in their day to day living, this could be somewhat difficult.
The second step in the plan should be to review the past research on the topic they plan to study. The reason it is important to review the literature in the second step is so that a study will not be duplicated or so that you can define your own study against one, or altered in a different way. For example, if we wanted to study the IQ of people of the United States versus the people of Japan, we would need to know if the people in Alaska and Hawaii were also included in this study. If not, it could quite possibly skew the data one way or the other. If we were to not take this into consideration, all of the efforts of this study would be useless and void. Another reason for researchers to read existing data on the topic they plan to research is so that some of the idea's they plan to test may have been looked over. This review may give them ideas they may have not taken into consideration.
The third research method step is to identify and...

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