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Why Shouldn’t Tommy And Jim Have Sex? An Essay By John Corvino

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In John Corvino’s essay, “Why Shouldn’t Tommy and Jim Have Sex?” he advocates his argument that gay sex is not “unnatural” in any moral way. However, this argument is easy to critique when considering opposition from natural law theorists, democracy, and other perspective ideas.
In order for Corvino to make his position that gay sex is not morally “unnatural”, he must first respond to several arguments. Many natural law theorists believe that sexual organs should only be used for three distinct purposes; reproduction, making a home for children through marriage, and emotional bonds. However, Corvino responds to this by arguing many of the human organs can be used for different functions, ...view middle of the document...

Corvino connects this argument about inconsistency’s to describe how homosexuality does not harm the self or others. In order to make this argument sound, it must be universal that all individuals, straight or gay, do not pick relationships for the maximum of health. Individuals are concerned with creating a bond with another individual, which homosexual partners dispute the natural law theorist requirement that only heterosexuals can perform this. He also continues to state that gay sexuality does not harm others because institutionalizing gay marriage breed’s support for children and other healthy relationships, as do heterosexuals. Corvino clearly remarks his claim throughout his work, all which leads to his main argument that gay sex is not “unnatural” or immoral, as many individual’s believe it is.
However, while Corvino clearly advocates his argument, several points can be disproven through critique. While Corvino dismisses natural law theorists belief in the purposes for sex, there are very strong advocates for religious freedom. Religious freedom, regardless of the God you praise, believe that sex should wait till marriage and it should be performed between a man and a woman. If you profess devotion to a God then you must be opposed to anything that differs. Violating natural moral order, as same-sex marriage does, that your God established is a sin and offends God. Another critique of Corvino’s specific argument that gay sex does no harm to others is by legalizing same-sex “marriage,” the State becomes its official and active promoter. One of main purposes for marriage is its nature to design conditions that design a stable, affectionate and morally correct upbringing for children. If we allow gay marriage, we are therefore bestowing the responsibility to promote this new relationship, by creating laws, holding civil ceremonies, on the state. This weakens the nation and the society, removing itself from the interest of the State and morality. It can also weaken the State...

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