Why Sleep Is Essential To Humans?

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Everybody in the world requires sleep; although, not everybody requires the same exact amount. There is no answer as to why some people need more sleep than others, but the fact of the matter is that in order to live a productive and healthy life, everyone needs sleep. In fact, research has shown that humans should get a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night, which would ultimately be one third of a person’s total lifespan. Unfortunately, studies show that on average people only get seven and half hours of sleep per night, and one third of the population gets even less than that. Loss of sleep causes many poor side effects. People fail to realize that sleep is a very important time ...view middle of the document...

Without the proper hours of sleep, the human body and brain does not function at its full capacity, which often leads to inefficient work. People are tricked into believing that by staying up late and refusing sleep, that they are in fact doing more work and being affective; although, if they actually slept the required amount of hours they would be even more affective than they are now; hence, capitalizing on fewer hours during the day and completing more work.
Lack of sleep affects almost everybody in some type of way throughout the day. Unfortunately, the people most affected by lack of sleep are teenagers that are in high school and college. Teenagers are at a very busy time in their lives and have to deal with many different things such school, work, sports, and other activities. Due to all of these responsibilities, most teenagers do not get the recommended amount of sleep. By limiting the amount of sleep that these teenagers are receiving, their overall health and daytime potential is being significantly reduced. Throughout a typical school week, teenagers in high school and college usually have to deal with the stress that comes with school, work, sports, and other activities. All of these responsibilities tend to lead to students having irregular sleeping patterns because they have to stay up late in order to complete everything necessary for the following day. Once they complete all of their work and eventually get to bed to get some rest, they usually only get a few hours of sleep because they have to wake up early for their classes the next day. These poor sleeping habits do not get any better on the weekends because teenagers tend to go to bed later on the weekends, and sleep in as late as they can to catch up on sleep. This pattern greatly affects not only their sleep efficiency, but also their overall health and productiveness.
Teenagers need to realize the benefits of getting the recommended amount of sleep each night, but they are not the only ones to blame. In order for teenagers and people in general to get enough sleep, changes need to be made. One way to increase sleep for students would be to reevaluate the school start times to allow not only students, but also faculty members to get more sleep. This would not only improve their health, but also their academic performance and productiveness at work. As of now, 30% of high school and college students fall asleep in class at least once a week. Also, employees that are deprived of sleep are far less productive then those that are getting the required amount of sleep. When you put sleepy teenagers and exhausted employees together, the education system is wasting valuable time and money.
Another major cause for lack of sleep is that the majority of people, more than 100 million Americans, are chronically sleep deprived. The human body and mind are not prepared to function off of little sleep; therefore, something needs to be done in order to increase the...

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