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Why So Many Job Seekers Do Not Find Work?

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It is a fact - if one person can find work, so can another; so can you! No law, man-made or natural, denies you the right to earn a living. So, if you have been looking for work for some time, the question to ask yourself is why can’t you find a job?
Here are some more questions. What are the chances that you could be doing something wrong all the time without being aware of what it is? You may well have tried to find work many times over, but have you perhaps been repeating the same thing over and over? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, said Einstein. Could that be what you have been doing? Does your current CV talk on your behalf? Is it working for ...view middle of the document...

Yet, that is the most important factor that will get you employed.
It all begins and ends with you. Please be careful here; we are not talking about an inflated, ego-driven, over-confident show of bravado. We are talking about an attitude that is quietly and genuinely positive, one that is sincere and confident within itself, because it knows itself. It comes from the Power in you.
We are talking about a level of sincere belief, belief in yourself and your abilities based on a sound knowledge of how to conduct yourself at the interview, what questions to ask and how to answer those that are asked of you.
How did you dress the last time you went job hunting? How did you walk, how did you talk; what was your body language like? Were you a picture of total self-assurance and confidence? Did you work on your attitude before you left home? Did you believe you were going to win? If not, why not?
You see, most times you can tell before the event how it is going to turn out. You feel it in your guts, it fills your mind - you either feel positive or negative - and that which fills your mind is what you project. You wave it around like a flag. People can feel what you are projecting. A failure attitude brings failure.
Think positive, you’ll get positive results; think negative, you’ll get negative results. What you expect, you get. Surely you know that? The main reason many people do not find work is because they do not expect to. Too many people walk...

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