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Why So Many People Eat Junk Food

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Junk food has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and one must wonder why, considering that most people know, to a certain extent, that it possesses some unhealthy qualities. One key reason that people eat junk food is because of the advertisements that continue to make it progressively popular. They lurk in the corners of every store and on nearly every main road. Another reason for the large scale consumption of junk food is simply because of its taste. Its flavor appeals to the taste buds and makes one want to keep eating it. Also, at costs as low as three dollars, one can easily purchase the food at any store or gas station. Finally, there is the ease of preparation that junk food allows. All one must do is open the package and, viola, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or mid-day snack is served. After seeing only a few of the reasons for the popularity of junk food, does it come as any surprise that so ...view middle of the document...

Adding to those factors, TV screens are getting larger and larger and have better and better video quality that makes the food on commercials look even more appetizing to the observer.
Other types of advertisements that can cause someone to impulsively buy junk fund are found everywhere; in stores, on billboards by the side of the road, and on the front of shopping carts. In many places, stand-up advertisements depicting happy people eating cheese balls make junk food look innocent and people soon begin to think that it's OK to eat it all the time because it now has 30% fewer calories.
Taste is a major factor in the consumption of junk food. It has been flavored in every flavor that one can imagine and the flavors continue to be enhanced. With such good flavors, who can resist it? Sadly, not many people can and junk food is being eaten excessively. Each flavor of a certain junk food is designed to appeal to a certain group of people. For example, a watermelon flavor would be designed for those who prefer sweet things over sour things and sour apple for those who like sour things.
Another common reason for the absurd intake of junk food these days is the easy manner that it can be prepared in. All one must to do to eat it is open the bag and there he has it, food on the go. Cheap prices combined with the delicious flavor make junk food almost irresistible and very convenient for the on-the-go mom or the hard-working businessman. Many people feed junk to the their kids because it is quick and easy and it makes them happy, but they do not think about the consequences of over-eating it.
Advertising, flavor, and quick preparation all make junk food popular, but they don't make an excuse to eat it all the time. While these three reasons are targeted at cravings and laziness, one doesn't have to give in to them. Each individual can choose to eat it in moderation or in excess. Someone is not forced into eating junk food, he simply makes the decision to indulge in it or to ignore it. People must see that eating junk food is not necessarily bad for them, if they could only choose to eat it in moderation.

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