Why Social Media Is A Beneficial Tool

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As technology progresses, social media continues to have a positive impact on people’s lives. It helps individuals communicate with loved ones that are farther away, become informed easier, and it helps open doors to businesses. Domains such as Facebook and Twitter have truly revolutionized the way individuals interact.

Some people may argue that social media such as Facebook and Twitter are a waste of time. People use social media to kill time or alleviate boredom. Nowadays it has become a common leisure activity that many individuals enjoy. When people say that Facebook is a distraction to others, why is only social media pointed out? There are plenty of other distractions, such as conversations that people in do not take into account. Steven Pinker, a Harvard College professor, says, “the constant arrival of information packets can be distracting . . .especially to people with attention deficit disorder. The problem is that people have to be able to distinguish between work and play. If a person really has their mindset on work, then they will not get distracted. If anyone is really committed to learning or getting work done, then social media should not be an excuse for distraction.

Facebook was originally designed to be a tool which would allow individuals to keep up with their old friends by posting pictures and allowing others to see what was going on in their lives. Some people, specifically teenage girls, exploit Facebook by taking pictures of themselves half-naked or showing too much skin. These individuals are the ones that are not using social media the way it was intended and therefore, causing problems. There are many cases involving sick people that find young girls on Facebook and stalk them. Sometimes the stalking can even lead to rape, or even murder. User discretion is certainly needed when determining what is and is not appropriate to post on social media. Although a few problems exist, the majority of these problems can be avoided if the sites are used for their intended purpose.

Social media such as Skype and Facebook have revolutionized the way people communicate with each other regardless of distance. Sherry Turkle, a radio and television commentator says “Technology makes it easy to communicate when we wish…” (236). Individuals are able to communicate with family members that reside in places around the world through web chat. Dating sites that use video chat have helped create a new method of dating people. It is not as uncommon to hear about a friend meeting a significant other through dating sites, such as eHarmony and Christian Mingle, as it was a few decades ago. Video chat has not only helped create relationships, but it has also saved lots of current long distance relationships. It is hard for people in a relationship to be far away from each other and not have that face-to-face interaction that normal couples have. Skype has helped by giving users a way to talk to each other through web cameras. Although long...

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