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Why Societies Fall Essay

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A man once said back in the day “To solve our most difficult problems we must radically change our thinking.”(Stephen Covey) They fall because of many different reasons and problems. Some of these reasons are because they have bad leaders, they are living in poverty, and they are involved in too many wars.No society is perfect forever. Eventually something will happen and then all of these other problems will happen. Even if societies seem like everything is perfect they all have problems. Great societies fall because of wars, poverty, and bad leaders.
Societies fall because of bad leaders. An example of bad leaders is in Rome. Rome had leaders that only cared about themselves and no one ...view middle of the document...

The created of maze runner sends kids off to a maze where all the other kids are. So pretty much the kids are all trapped in an area. The creator also will brainwash the kids before they are released into the maze with all the other kids. The only thing the kids know when they go into the maze is their name. The creator of maze runner is a bad one because he put all of the kids in a huge maze and the only way they can GET OUT IS BY SOLVING THE MAZE. And all of the kids are also brainwashed. “My name is thomas, He thought. That...That was the only thing he could remember about his life.” (page 1)
Great societies start to fall when they have bad leaders. When societies have bad leaders the leaders start to make bad decisions that hurt the society. Without a good leader a society is no good.
Societies fall because of poverty. an example of of poverty is in Africa. The leader of africa has loads of money but he uses it for himself. There are not many jobs for people. Without jobs for people, people are forced into poverty. Poverty in africa is not just one place that it is poverty its everywhere. “Still today, over 40% of people living in sub-Saharan Africa live in absolute poverty.” ( ). In rome another reason why they fell was poverty. A lot of people in rome were poor. There were not a ton in rome that were really wealthy. Rome lived in poverty because not everyone had a job that allowed them to get a lot of money. Rome had a big empire which meant there were tons of people who didn’t have a job. People without a job most likely were living in poverty. Another example of a country that is living in poverty is Niger. They are suffering from poverty because most of their country is covered by dry deserts. It is hard to find jobs for people because of how much of their land is covered by deserts. People in Niger can’t even live in a normal house. Most people in Niger have to live in teepees made out of straw. Thier houses are terrible to live in because one little wind storm and their house is destroyed. Societies that start off great always come to an end. A big reason for that is because too many people are living in poverty.
Societies fall because of wars. An example of wars is in carthage. Carthage is a good example because they started wars with rome. They had 3 wars with rome and that is why there country fell. they lost the 3rd war to rome and lost everything in that war. Rome took control of that country. That is how their country fell. “By the end of the third war, after more than a hundred years and the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of soldiers from both sides, Rome had conquered Carthage's empire and razed the city, becoming the most powerful state of the Western Mediterranean” This was a big reason why carthage fell because tons of people...

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