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Why Software Sucks And What You Can Do About It.

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The magazine ad I choose to write about called, "Why software sucks (the exact word used) and what you can do about it," was published in a magazine called SD West Conference Catalog 2007 and written by David S. Platt, on page 4. The company called Thunder Computing has done computer consulting and developed education software for over 20 years. Platt teaches software development at Harvard University and companies all over the world. The article is based on the theory that software sucks because it doesn't take the user in mind and doesn't try and know the users of the software developed. He supports his statement saying he feels it is unsafe, unreliable, and hard to use.The debate on software development has become a standing problem since the technology boom started, with both companies and the general public. Technology has brought us many things that use software programs that we use everyday today such as computers, video games, iPods, cell phones, and PDA's. Software development has had a big impact on how technology has changed the world we live in today, and how things we do have become so much more advanced, which is why I feel software development is an essential part of the world's advancement.Software development has changed many ways in which the world operates and has benefited the world in many ways. One way it has benefited the world is by advancing the way most businesses are run through the use of computers, that use software such as windows xp professional, networking which makes communication with co-workers and other businesses or franchises of your own business as easy as sitting in front of your computer at home, or your cell phone, pocket PC's and PDA's and having 24 hour access to your business an essential way for business success. There is no longer a need to get into your car or take a plane, to see what is going on at the office, everything needed to keep a businesses trade, communication, adjustments, records, financial records, can be done from anywhere you are at through the use of software.Meetings with other companies can be done through NetMeeting a software program that is used for web conferencing with hosted video conferencing, application sharing across networks so that meetings in person is done through software just like the people are there in person. Many of the software programs are used not only by businesses they are used by the general public, the FBI, law enforcement, the government, banks, and almost any one that can use the software. This software features have saved a lot of money by making it that even if your somewhere else in the world, you can have a meeting with other people from anywhere you are.Although many parents feel that certain software that has been created is not beneficial...

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