Why Some People Smoke? Essay

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In this World, People take over several behaviors and addiction from ancestry. Some of them are good but some of them are bad for
human been. For example, drinking, smoking, gambling are very bad
habits. Specially, smoking is one of the important and wide bad habits.
Some people start smoking in early age. There are some reasons that
people smoke cigarette and cigar. Reason of smoking are social and
culture environment, misinformation and stressful life.
One of important reason of smoking is that social and cultural
environment. People are living, learning and practicing each and
everything from family, school, peers and colleagues. Smoking habits is
also part of social and cultural life. Sometimes persons are not
independent and surrounded by peoples. If he wants to be part of social
and cultural life his behavior also should be like them. Otherwise he will
be isolated. For example, peer pressure is one of the biggest in the school,
if you want to be member of the group you should have same behavior. If
they smoke than you have to start smoking. Second example is that in
Turkish language there is a saying that, tell me your friend I will tell you
who you are. Secondly, in the family If parent does smoke, children are
capable to start smoking easily. However, if father does not use cigar or
cigarette small family member away from smoking habits ant at least they
do not start using in early age. Thirdly, in social environment colleagues
are always with you. If they want to share their life and time, they offer
smoking cigarettes; this offer may finish your resistance than one does
not make anything. This pushing makes you to start bad habit of
smoking. Finally, Social and cultural environment paints you like others.
Misinformation is cause of smoking that by media and advertising.
Worldwide tobacco advertising...

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