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Why Southwest Airlines Did So Well? This Is An Analysis/Report On Strategies Implemented By Southwest Airlines.

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The reason that Southwest Airlines performed so well comprised many factors. To make the analysis as short and clear as possible without repeating the case too much, I see Southwest's success can be sub-divided into 3 areas of market, cost control, and quality from way the case author has organized.The far most important factor is that Southwest has chosen the type of market it entered. Southwest Airline found its niche market in short-hauls. Rather than competing long flight hours with other airlines, the airline has chosen to specialized itself in a replacement between ground-transportations and other airlines, and compete with them. Southwest has marketed itself well in the time that short-haul was what consumers were looking for. In another words, the market environment was suitable during the time of its launch.Besides market that Southwest has chosen, the quality of the service was also very important for its success. I mean quality not in terms of providing luxurious first class seats and food, but in terms of on-time percentage and fast travel time overall. Externally, establishing self ticketing machines for faster check-ins, closer location to city commute, launching distinctive customer service really brought many customer loyalties to Southwest Airlines.Third, cost control and pricing. Southwest has a very strong competitive strategy that enables the company to dominate the market, as well as sustaining itself from the price wars. What I think of the most brilliant idea was the quick turnover rate of airplane costs that mentioned in page 120 of the case study. Instead to keep the planes until they're not operable, the average life for Southwest's planes is 7 years. With some simple math, the difference between $27 millions in 20 years, and $7 million in 7 years, is .35 million a year, per plane. That means Southwest Airline is saving couple millions of dollars beforehand comparing to other airlines. Price that is well below industry average and other...

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2383 words - 10 pages no longer valued as an asset they will run to the company’s competitors even if it means spending a little more money to feel that wonderful feeling of “valued customer” (Welch, 2005). Southwest Airlines should have their SVP of Customer Relations to make sure that every negative complaint receives a response and to explain the reason why this procedure was implemented, they should also reiterate the company’s customer commitment and assure them that they are very important. Southwest can also offer some of these customer free boarding passes just to show their appreciation for being a customer of Southwest Airlines (Welch, 2005).

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1373 words - 5 pages they would match the going prices on all routes on which they went head-to-head with Southwest." (p.21, study case text) By this statement it declared a war on Southwest.Continental Airlines threatened Southwest Airlines by imitating many of Southwest's practices (as concentrating on short-haul or including the use of humor by flight attendants).Another potential threat to Southwest Airlines is the will to keep their fares simple. By not using the

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3868 words - 15 pages the city about Southwest and the reasons why it is smart to fly Southwest. For example, upon entering the Louisville, Kentucky market, Southwest compared the city's smartness for picking horses to the smartness of flying Southwest.The reasons for Southwest's success are well documented: it focuses on short-haul flights with an average distance of 425 miles. It does away with meals, in-flight films, designated seats, multiple seating classes from

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1733 words - 7 pages importance and the hierarchy of this or that position. (as others' airlines employees were complaining that pilots and flight attendants were accommodated in different level hotels and pilots were always on fight with mechanics). If the teamwork is so important for the company, providing training on teamwork and building the team (what Southwest did) is also really important. There are many other things to talk about, but I would like to conclude

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