Why Spanking Your Child Should Not Be Illegal

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Has your child ever gotten so outta hand that you are not sure what to do? Have you tried reaching out for help and finding that there is NONE, not even the government? Well I think if all else fails that you should be able to discipline your children with a spanking and not having a huge consequence from the government who was not there by the way, as long as you are not putting your child in the hospital. As the Bible says “Spare the road, spoil the child” meaning in my opinion that if a child is not disciplined that they will grow into a spoiled little brat or worse some random nobody out here in the world!
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“The majority of parents who use spanking prefer to spank their children bare-bottomed.” “Do not restrict the spanks to any one area, but try to distribute them evenly over the whole of the buttocks.” Dr. David Safir, a California-based pediatrician, father of five and grandfather of five, talks about his views on spanking. He said he was spanked as a child, spanked his own children when necessary and believes the occasional use of physical punishment -- not abuse -- can be an effective tool for parents.” This is why I believe that spanking a child should not be illegal.
When spanking a child there should be a place and a time to do so, when your child is acting out (in your prospective) in the store and in front of people (for example) that is not the appropriate time to be spanking a child, I think that the parent should wait until they either get in the car or wait until they get home to spank a child. Spanking a child in a public place can be embarrassing to your child as well as in my opinion embarrassing to yourself also you don’t want the child to overdramatize the situation in the store, because if you have kids then you know sometimes kids love to get attention. Spanking a child at home is where it all start, you must train up a child in the way they should go, if your toddler is at home sticking his/her fingers in the socket and you as the parent are not doing anything to stop that child from doing so then what so you expect your child to do when they get out in the world or in public as a toddler? The same goes with adolescent children, if you are not...

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