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Why Stalin Was Able To Hold On To Power In The Soviet Union

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Why Stalin Was Able to Hold on to Power in the Soviet Union

Stalin was ruthless in order to stay in power, there are many reasons
that helped him hold on to his position. Through the Purges Stalin was
able to eliminate or clear out all opposition within the party. Anyone
who threatened his position, or disagreed with some of his policies,
was purged. They were purged in great Show Trails, in order for the
Stalin to have a motive for punishing them. They would be forced to
confess false crimes, such as plotting against Stalin. For example
Zionviev and Kamenev were put on trail for plotting to kill Stalin and
even Lenin. This was obviously untrue but they confessed to this and
were executed. This clearing out of the Communist party greatly helped
Stalin stay in power, this is because it simply left no opposition to
oppose him and threaten his position. But party members weren't the
only group to get purged, in fact absolutely no one in Russia could
escape the prospect of being purged. The public was purged in order to
create an atmosphere of terror within Russia. No one smart enough
would dare say or do anything remotely against Stalin under risk of
being sent to a prison camp or executed. Purging the people helped
Stalin because all Russians knew the risks of being against Stalin,
preventing any kind of public dislike let alone another Revolution.

To make the purges successful Stalin had the help of his NKVD (secret
police). They created an atmosphere of fear and crushed opposition.
They were responsible for accusing the people of crimes against Stalin
in order to purge them. They encouraged everyone to denounce others
who oppose Stalin, even family and friends. This helped Stalin because
it would never be safe for anyone to even criticize Stalin, because
the NKVD might be watching. The NKVD were also the ones who would
torture and threaten family members of the party opposition in order
for them to confess in the Show Trials. This was important because
otherwise many of Stalin's opposition would not be destroyed, as they
would not confess in the Show Trails.

Propaganda was a very effective tool in keeping hold of power. It
would literally brainwash the Russian people into believing Stalin was
a god and a hero. His image could be seen everywhere, towns and cities
were named after him, like Stalingrad and Stalino. His role in the
revolution was exaggerated, as was his relationship with Lenin. His
enemies were portrayed as traitors to Russia. Even schools were

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