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Why Standardized Testing Is Important Essay

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The essence of an individual is based on their past: their memories, their reactions, their pain and their pleasures. Like a mosaic, these minuscule virtues can be put together to define a larger personality. Even from this perspective, the difference between details and the big picture play an important role. Throughout every individual’s lifespan they must set their perspective and decide which they would rather focus on: the big picture or the details that make it up. In Anna Quindlen’s writing, "Homeless" she states that “Sometimes I think we would be better off if we forgot about the broad strokes and concentrated on the details” (194). Focusing on the details is more beneficial than looking at the bigger picture. By paying more attention to the details than the overall picture in life situations, individuals learn to problem solve and analyze easily: thus creating strategies and extending their knowledge in complex subjects.
By paying attention to details, individuals learn to problem solve more thoroughly. Learning can be brought down to the brain’s right and left hemisphere. Those who are deemed left brained tend to pay attention to the details and look at things linearly: these individuals draw their conclusions from what they see and know. In contrast, those who are right brained determine a conclusion after looking at the whole of a problem, often without paying much attention to detail. Those who are right brained are more impulsive and believed to be more imaginative. Often, it is said that being left brained is unimaginative or one dimensional and thus, it does not contribute to society. Yet, virtually all scholastic processes in society stemmed from those who were left brain thinkers: mathematicians, scientists and those who deal with reading or listening. Those who are left brain thinkers mentally prove that what they are learning is logical and true: it provides backup if individuals second-guess themselves or their conclusions. Although right brained individuals are said to be more creative, they often lack the proof behind their intuition. They are better at guessing and checking and cannot particularly break down the process to their conclusion (Hopper). Some places in life, guessing and checking may be fine. Yet, when faced with scholastic problems, logic is more beneficial than intuition.
Mathematics is one situation where proof and logic is essential. In mathematics when one is given a complex problem, with many different parts to factor and simplify, it can be processed one of two ways: step by step, using each detail and breaking it apart; or looking at the whole problem without picking out the different complex parts and simplifying them first. Anyone who has processed higher level mathematics, or even simple Algebra, can see why it would be a good idea to focus on the details and find the logical answer, instead of guessing. Through details, mathematics are taken from a complex level to one of simplicity. Details...

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