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Why Students Learn And Approach Education Differently Than Others

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There are many people that would say that education is the most important thing and others would not agree with that statement and there are lots of reasons for that. That is because students learn and approach education differently than others. Some of the reasons are that many of the parents don't know how to help their children, students are not engaged in the work and we let the media think for us.
A lot of students no matter if they are in middle school, high school or even college they can't be successful students because they do not have parents that can sit down with them and help them on homework. Richard says "I was oddly annoyed when I was unable to get parental help with a ...view middle of the document...

Even though most people would say that all student would want to go to school to learn something that can help them in the future but however that is not the case now in our generations. Education system is getting worse and worse. Education is not taken as seriously. The only thing that the students care about is getting good grades or passing the class, other than they think it is pointless and that they don't learn anything meaningful. Many students feel that teachers talk about all the things they already know. Whenever the parents would ask their child what did you learn today for some reason they would say nothing or that it was boring. "They said teachers didn't seem to know much about their subject and clearly weren't interested in learning more.......their teachers were every bit as bored as they were". (Gatto 142). This states that students are bored with their classes which make them very frustrated. They think that the teachers are not trying hard enough to make the students more interested in what is being taught and that all the teachers do is teach them all the things that they already know. Teachers are frustrated as well because the students lack of engagement in the class. The only way we can overcome our own boredom is if we are being thought the material that we want to learn that will be useful. Other than that the students don't care. They want to get that good grade and move on but in order to do that they need to force their selves to pay attention in the material.
Media plays a large role in framing our view on upper, middle and lower class. Since the media plays a huge part in our lives, it would frame as the middle class is not educated, lack of income meaning they don't have access for internet or books as the upper class since they can have all the things they want because they have good income. "According to the social critic bell hooks, we over identify with the wealthy, because the media socialize us to believe that people in the upper classes are better than we are". (Kendall 316) This quote explains that we don't tend to think for ourselves we are letting someone else...

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