Why Students Should Have No Homework Shrewsbury High School, English Argument Essay

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When I get home, the first thing I usually do is go to my room and pull out my homework. I always want to get started on it as quick as possible, so that I can finish earlier and possibly have a few minutes to myself to relax and not think about the stress of school. But usually, I end up not getting that free time, and have to work late into the night to finish all the assignments that are due the next day. This is because the sheer amount of homework assigned per night is too much. According to a poll done in 2014, high school students are given an average of 3.5 hours of homework per weeknight, which totals to over 17 hours of homework in one school week (Klein).
There have been many studies done on the correlation between homework and students grades, none of them revealed conclusive results stating that homework was the actual cause for students’ good grades. In Texas, a second-grade teacher, decided to not assign her students any formal homework for the entire school year, and instead urged families to do activities that are “proven to correlate with student success. Eat dinner together as a family, read together, play outside, and get your child to bed early” (Baskin B.1).  This may be considered acceptable because these students are in the second grade, but I feel it should apply to students of all ages, in a less extreme manner. According to the NEA, the National Education Association, students in the first grade should receive 10 to 20 minutes of homework, and for every successive grade should receive ten minutes more than the grade before them (Baskin B.1). Therefore, by the 9th grade, freshman year of high school, students should be receiving a maximum of 100 minutes of homework, but instead are forced to complete an average of 210 minutes of homework a weeknight. This raises the question, should homework levels in high school be lowered?
Homework may be considered a way of reinforcing the concepts taught in school, but the amount of homework for high schoolers is too much and should be lowered. Students attend school for 6-7 hours a day, working hard and learning. Then, after they get out of school, they are expected to do 3.5 hours of extra work about the same concepts they just covered for 6 hours, and the entire process just starts to feel repetitive. Also, due to the amount of homework assigned, students no longer have the time to hang out with their friends and do what they want because homework has taken over their lives. Though homework should still be given out in schools, it should be given in moderation and the amount of homework should be less than what is given now.
When students are assigned homework, they often get bored with the subject because they feel that the problems they are doing for homework are all the subject has to offer, and that there is no real application for many of the things they are learning. David Martin, a math teacher in Red Deer High School in Alberta, went through the exact same experience,...

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