Why Tanzania Should Be Chosen As The Country To Host The Captivating Captions Call Center

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In an effort to further the success of Captivating Captions, the company seeks to open a customer call center where wages for customer service representative is significantly lower than those paid to workers in the United States in geographic regions that we are doing business. Upon completing a situation analysis of the environmental factors that play a role in achieving such a business venture, The Republic of Tanzania was chosen as the country for a possible call center. Tanzania has been noted as being one of Africa’s “best countries in terms of GDP growth and attracting foreign direct investment”. Factors such as these illustrate the potential the country has to contribute to the success of operating a call center. This summary takes an in depth approach into the reasons why Tanzania should be chosen as the country to host the Captivating Captions call center. Additionally, it will also explain the how top management team staffing with be approached and delineate an implementation plan for the eventual opening of the call center.
Implementing a call center in Tanzania will be an essential move for Captivating Captions in pursuing growth and expansion of its business. The communications sector has played an effective role in the social and economic development of Tanzania. This sector’s performance has continued to grow due to “both government efforts and private sector investment in road rehabilitation, expansion of telecommunications services, modernization of port services, and improvement in marine, railway and air transport services”. There has been growing a trend of companies approaching outsourcing as a means to implement their growth strategies, and the global market for outsourced shared services is growing as companies in Europe and North America look for more cost-effective suppliers. Although Tanzania currently has one of the world’s smallest GDP, as measured per capita, according to the CIA’s “The World Factbook”, it is expected to grow between 6-7% annually after it shakes off the lingering effects of the global economic downturn. Many multi-national organizations tend to focus on business opportunities presented through investment in the BRIC nations: Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Tanzania’s full potential has yet to be tapped by many companies, and “with its remarkable set of natural assets, long-term stable democracy (for the past 45 years) and strong macroeconomic performance, the country serves as an ideal place to pursue growth and expansion through outsourcing. The country is relatively stable economically and continuously seeks improvement through growth of developed resources and technological change as it creates a trade relationship of imports and exports, in majority, with China and the U.S. With years of stability and improved regulatory environment provide investors suitable conditions for entrance, operating, and prosper; a win-win situation for investors and the general welfare of the citizens of...

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