Why Teachers Are Showering Students With As

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Ever since a young child, I was repeatedly told that college was the answer to a high paying job which equalled happiness and success. I agree that furthering your education could increase your chances of the supposed “happiness and success,” but I don’t think college is a hit or miss type of deal. Personal satisfaction can come from any number of things, not just your title. Adults refuse to understand that college may not be for everyone; whenever I am introduced to someone, the moment they learn my class they instantly patronize me about college. Under their scrutiny, I would stutter and claim that maybe college wasn’t for me. For the forty minutes that followed, I would sit there and bear the lecture from a person whom I barely even knew, but had the audacity to tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about. Maybe I don’t. What I do know is that wasting $80,000 on credentials, when I’m not 100% on college, is an expensive gamble with unpredictable outcomes. The economy and now graduated students make it look like it’s not worth it. College graduates talk about their difficulties in finding a job and the mountains of debt they collected to now be unemployed.
In Megan McArdle’s essay, “Is College a Lousy Investment?”, she writes about “credentials are a zero-sum game” and, “getting more people into college simply means more competition for a limited number of well-paying jobs,” (McArdle). Reading this article, you could see she hit all the key points that kids are thinking. For students of this generation who are considering not going to college, McArdle was able to construct the jumbled thoughts going through their heads into coherent theses as they struggle to find a happy median.
College is not worth bankruptcy for a piece of paper with your name on it, because what’s happening is “a lot of people [are] borrowing money for jobs they won’t get,” (McArdle). We were brought up to think that we were entitled to higher education; family members left and right telling you that’s how to make something out of yourself. Though it turns out the cost of that higher education is rising 3 to 4 percent yearly (McArdle), and no longer a right of the middle class.
The youth of America struggle to express the money problems to future employers and society; we’ve been raised to think that college was the “good debt” and we were lucky to “invest in ourselves” (McArdle). Only the current generation, who are now going into college, are the ones who will carry that financial burden on their backs. Maybe they too are considering, is it worth it? I mean if I based my whole future on my parents, I would decide that I definitely wasn’t college material. My mother excelled in all her classes and graduated with a bachelor's...

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