Why Teens Need Cell Phones Essay

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Why teens need cell phones.
Tim was riding his bike from school, when he looked behind there was this red truck following him. He started to get kinda worried, so he started going faster so he could get to his house faster. Tim had about 3 blocks left to go, the truck was still following him. The truck started speeding up, suddenly Tim looked to his left and the truck was next to him. There was an older gentlemen in the truck and he said “get in i can take you home, throw your bike in the trunk.” Tim yelled no! Then tim reached in his pocket while still riding his bike and dialed 911. Soon Tim reached his house and he ran inside. Locking all the doors and windows. He looked out one window and the truck was sitting in his driveway with the man in the truck still. Soon the police arrived and the cops asked the man questions and later on the man was arrested. If Tim haven’t of had his cell phone, we wouldn't of known what happen to Tim.

What teens usually do on their cell phones.
Fully 63% of all teens say they exchange text messages every day with people in their lives. Overall, the number of teens who text daily with friends has remained falt over the past two years. 54% of all teens text their friends daily. Teens mostly text their friends on their cell phones, but some teens only use cell phones for emergencies only. Also teens with smartphones usually play games and surf the web. (Lenhart, 2)

Do you know where your kids are?
For many parents the answer is a yes. They always know where their kids are. Cell phones have changed family life in many ways. They provide parents with peace of mind, and they’re a great in emergencies. Family members can always reach each other or call 911. If parents do not know where their kids are most parents can just call them and find out where they’re at. (Gurian, 1)
Why do teens need cell phones?
Although many teenagers use a cell phone for...

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