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Why The Allies Won Essay

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Why the Allies Won

Richard Overy’s book “Why the Allies Won” is a great read for those who are intrigued by World War II alternate histories. Overy gives unique insights on the large scaled picture regarding how the war went throughout each of his chapters. The book identifies that the resulting Allied victory was not inevitable, and then it points out the factors that contributed to making the Allied victory possible.
The factors that made the Allied victory happen include the Germans beginning to effectively organize industrial production at the very least six months too late to give them a chance at victory. By the time they got the production to be swiftly working on weapons such as fighter planes, the Allies were in firm enough control of the air space. This meant that the Allied bombing prevented the German economy from reaching it’s full potential. Another flaw in the German production meant that tanks such as Tigers and Panthers, of which dominated tactical situations on the battlefield, had logistical and maintenance nightmares. If the Germans were to overcome their problems in production then it would have stood them in much greater stead, giving them an advantage over the Allies.
The Germans also intended to bring a brand new generation of piston engine aircraft into production around 1941. However, all but one of those aircraft failed to live up to expectations and ended up being produced in very small numbers if at all. The aircraft production of the Germans was hurt massively due to this as production of their original, standard aircrafts had slowed to make the switch over. Production then needed to be switched back to the older aircraft. The guy in charge of aircraft design was put to blame for this according to Overy.
Overy describes several themes among his reasons for the Allied victory. Germany was the Allies main enemy, whilst Russia, who at the beginning of the war was in fact Germany’s ally, was the primary force that...

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