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Why The Bible Conflicts With Science

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Why the Bible Conflicts with Science
"I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in
this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I
want to know His thoughts; the rest are details." Albert Einstein

Mr. Einstein was not the only one to wonder about such things. He
would have asked penetrating questions and obviously the religious
answers he got did not satisfy his inquiring mind. However, if the
Bible was inspired by the same person who created the universe, it
should be able to answer this query to some satisfaction.

But what if what we always thought we knew about the Bible was nothing
like it really is? And though Christianity and the Bible have always
been portrayed synonymously, what would happen if we discovered they
are not the same???

Although depicted mostly as a 'religious' book, the Bible is really
more a book of 'science'. The reason why Christianity and other
Bible-based religions often disagree on doctrine is because the
interpreters attempt to explain that which must be
'self-interpreting'. Contained within the Bible itself is the method
for interpretation. This methodology is scientifically sound and
refutes many long-held foundational Bible-based doctrines.

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Mr. Darwin – The Keen Observer:

Governing edicts in early U.S. universities were often established by
church clergymen who genuinely and sincerely believed there were
certain things about God and creation which were beyond question. But
things changed and leaders of higher learning began to realize that
freedom to question all things is a necessary step to arriving at
'truth'. And in fact that questioning would actually eliminate error
because the more an idea or thought is scrutinized the more sure will
be the certainty of the thing.

Fantasy must give way to fact as everything is examined under close
analysis. When a persons' doctrine or belief system is challenged with
credible arguments, it is an underlying fear that their philosophies
will be found to be erroneous which causes panic and an emotional
reflex action of anger and defensiveness. However, only when a theory
is investigated closely and found to be consistent over time does it
then become an established fact. This is what science attempts to be.

Early scientists often met with resistance to their observations and
Mr. Darwin was no exception. Any initial observation begins with a
'hypothesis' based on 'present evidence' and only consistent study
will either corroborate or refute that. However, most often the
initial assumption is partially correct and the observer builds upon
that information. This all takes a good deal of time though and the
process cannot be rushed.

Mr. Darwin's theories threw the religious community of his day into a
frenzy, seeming to...

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