Why The Brave Ones Stinks Worse Than My Gym Socks

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Why "The Brave Ones" Smells Worse Than My Gym Socks That Haven't Been Washed Since First Grade.By: Josh Holbrook This essay is about the problems with the story "The Brave Ones" which was written by M. C. Burillark. I will discuss the problems I found in the story which are the plot, characters, style of the writer, setting and theme of the story. If you have read the story you probably noticed it has less zip than a grizzly during hibernation. I will discuss what makes it so boring by explaining the five points above.The first problem with "The Brave Ones" is the plot. The plot is very predictable. In my opinion this is a basic love story where a handsome guy meets a beautiful girl and they live happily ever after. I found the story boring and it did not hold my attention. By the second page it had put me to sleep. Also, it is very evident that Rocky was going to save the day. An example of this is, when Rocky won the fight against the bandits even though he was tied up. Next the plot is very unbelievable. When Rocky got shot he was still ok. That doesn't usually happen in real life. Also, while camping with Lightening, his horse, he kills a buffalo with one shot from his six-shooter. In real life one shot would only make the buffalo mad and it would start charging at you. After he shoots the buffalo he carries it back to his campfire by himself. Then when it is done cooking he offers some meat to his horse. But, wait a second! I thought horses were vegetarians. But, in this story Lightening eats meat. Believable or not? I'll let you decide. Melanie is described as having fair pink skin. In the desert how did she avoid getting sunburned all the time. So in short the short story has some major problems with the plot.The second problem with "The Brave Ones" is the characters. They're too stereotypical especially Rocky and Melanie. Rocky is the sheriff of Pine Gulch. He is good looking and muscular. Sounds perfect, right? If you think so then you're wrong. He has no personality at all. He is nothing more than a pretty face and strong muscles. When I read about Melanie I imagined a picture of a person who looked like a Barbie doll: She had light blue eyes, beautiful golden blond hair, and fair pink skin. The next character that needs to be examined is Johnny James. After the deputies carry him to the jailhouse the deputy sheriff questions him and Johnny refuses to answer by saying it might incriminate him. When he takes the fifth amendment like he did in the line above he sounds more like a lawyer than a bandit. Then when Johnny sees the poor little sparrow picked up and put back into the oak tree by the little boy he suddenly has a change of heart and wants to help the deputies find the other bandits.The third thing wrong is the style. The first problem is that he keeps repeating certain words. When he does this it is hard to keep track of what the writer is trying to say. The writer kept repeating words and phrases such as "suddenly", "lightning",...

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