Why The Democratic Republic Of Congo Is The Poorest Country In The World

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African, the Dark Continent where possesses a large number of natural resources and labors is that always the biggest concern of the world due to its long-term poverty. According to the Borgen Project-a nonprofit organization with the purpose to address hunger and poverty, the first place of the Gross National Income (GNI) was taken by Qatar with about $100,000 GDP per capita (2012). Oppositely, it is no surprise to learn that the Democratic Republic of Congo is the poorest country of the world and stand at the bottom in GNI with just only $370 GDP per capita (2012). The difference is $99630 GDP per capita-a massive number. Africa in general and the Democratic Republic of Congo in particular has fantastic place with rich land, labor and sunshine; however, D.R Congo people still confront with shortages of food, water and electricity. This largest country of Africa with its population over 75 millions also “faces the problem of human rights”- especially woman rights, “and the countless crimes against humanity”-“Borgen Project”. Also, the Foreign Affairs illustrates that DR Congo coped with civil wars and a series of wars with its neighbor countries in the last two decade. Therefore, wars and corruption are the main reasons that make Democratic Republic of Congo become the poorest country in the world, which affect heavily and change the country in the direction of negative sides.
First, it could be very easy to label Democratic Republic of Congo as a “Country of Wars”. Since D.R Congo becomes the most industrialized country in Africa after it is completely independent in 1960, D.R Congo has bled itself onto the ground due to the brutal impact of civil war and the lack of infrastructure. Congo’s problems are very complex. According the the Borgen Project, the situation become worse after the Second Congo War in 1998, it involved to twenty armed groups and nine African countries. The political disturbance is still continuing to occur despite the interposition and peace attempts were made. With a death toll of 5.4 million, D.R Congo is still one in the top world’s deadliest conflicts and nine-out-of-ten of the victims died because of the lack of access to shelter, finding water, food and medicine – all severely aggravated by displaced and overcrowded populations living in unhealthy conditions. Furthermore, almost 50 percent of deaths were children who is from the age at 3 to 5 years old and nearly 46,000 children continue to die every month.
The Borgen Project, still, indicates that the nation faces with human rights problems and a lot of crimes against humanity. An approximated 3/2 million people moved. D.R Congo is also a dangerous and heavily criticized for its treatment to women. The foreign & Commonwealth Office demonstrate that there were an estimated 16,000 reported cases of sexual violence, with a massive increase since 2011-52%. Unexpectedly, 98% of the cases were related to female rights with 30% of the survivors’ ages are from 12 to 17 (a...

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