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Why The Design Argument Fails Essay

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Why the Design Argument Fails
The Design Argument does fail due to its weaknesses, it is lacking in
factual and substantial evidence to prove its theories. It puts
forward a lot of ideas and claims however they are not justified well
enough; the only true fact is that you have to believe them. I feel it
is correct to claim that it fails due to the amount of criticising
evidence against the theories for the existence of God.

The main philosopher to criticise and object to the Teleogical
Argument was David Hume. He looked at every point towards the
existence towards a creator and designer and then thought logically
about the condemnation and came up with rebuttals. He realised that
most of the arguments put forward just relied on the reader to use
their faith and belief to consider it and assume it was correct with
no real evidence, just connections and assumptions.

The first objection he made was about the theory where Paley uses his
analogy about a watch. Hume clearly uses his logic here by describing
his own example of a human hair. He says that if we look at a piece of
hair, this tells us nothing as a whole of the human. This is the same
with the world, studying small parts will not tell us about the world
as a whole. He links this towards Paley because this is exactly what
he does. He looks at the interior of a watch and then somehow links it
to the world. I feel this is too big a link to make; linking a small
mechanical object towards a multifarious and complex world in which
millions of tasks are carried out at once. Just because a designer has
created a watch does not mean the world has a creator too. It would be
like saying a piece of paper is used for many functions and has a
creator so therefore the world must have a multifunctional creator
too. He then compares a watch against a floating vegetable. “A clock
to a large organic mass is not possible to compare. It would be better
to compare it to an immense floating object.” He is stating how absurd
it is that a small simple item could be linked to such a powerful
designer. You cannot link a watch towards something, which is a far
more superior, and multitasking being. Like many of these assumptions
they are lacking concrete evidence to prove it, it is just a theory
and therefore weakens the argument towards the existence of a creator.

Another protestation, which Hume makes, is the difference between the
world at present and the world at birth. He asks how we can link what
was then from what we see now, the time difference is too great and
too big of an assumption. When we link the dinosaurs and try to
analysis their life and habits we can only learn from what we have.
Then we tend to assume what time period they lived and who hunted
whom. Once again there is no real evidence to prove where or when they

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