Why The Government And The Public Should Not Focus More Energy And Funds Into Bush/Country Areas Relating Specefically To Australia.

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The Government and the public population should not pay more attention to the bushToday is the age of self-determination. No longer does the bush need to be governed and protected by the city. The era of protectionism, where the bush was granted excess funding, and treated as a 'special needs' area is long gone. Now is the time to embrace the egalitarian ideal we so strongly recognise, to aim for equality between city and bush areas.The core idea is simple; all it requires is an open mind and some sense of moral conscience. In the politically correct society within which we live today discrimination of any kind is prohibited. Illegal. Wrong.Gender discrimination, racial discrimination, discrimination against colour, culture, sexual preferences.Paying more attention to the bush, rather than any other part of Australia, is just another form of discrimination, and therefore wrong.Every part of Australia, whether it be the bush, the city, or somewhere in between, deserves an equal amount of attention. Just as every person, community or town deserves equal attention in their own right.The population distribution and the trends of Australians prove what they are thinking.More than 85% of Australians live in urban areas, and the latest census showed that the younger generations are leaving country towns and opting for a life in the city. That means that four out of five Australians live in closely settled coastal plains, which make up only three percent of the country's land area, which makes it densely populated.Common sense would deduce that wherever there are more people residing in an area, as opposed to a less populated area, more attention should be placed in this, the densely populated area. It is a valid assumption.If this conclusive evidence is not enough, here are some facts from an employment breakdown of...

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