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Why The Ideals Promoted By Mass Media And Advertising Industry Have A Negative Impact On People?

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The past century has witnessed the tremendous technological advancement in cosmetic surgery and slimming activator, which has added impetus to the unprecedented prosperity of cosmetic industry. In attraction to potential customers, mass media and the advertising industry have been swamping the general public with ever-upgrading promulgation of ideal beauty with slenderer figure, more porcelaneous skin as well as more delicate facial features. Even though those ideals seems to serve as stimulations for fashion design to usher in the new vogue, many are haunted by the side-effects in frenetic pursuit of those virtually unattainable ideals both physically and psychologically. In general, the ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, in the light of numerous potential physical risks, the promotion of ideal beauty which encourages extreme leanness is far from desirable.

Furthermore, since the advertising industry tends to exaggerate the omnipotence of a perfect appearance which is accompanied by fame, wealth and happiness, people who fails to match the ideals may suffer from a series of psychological reverberations. This psychological undermining in self-confidence can be manifested across miscellaneous age groups. As psychological research suggests, exposure to media convince young girls of the ideology that, to a marked extent, their outer appearance decides their level of attractiveness, at the same time, elder women believe that the only approach of maintaining glamor is to erase signs of aging (Ann Britton, 2012). Unfortunately, the majority of them don’t succeed in managing so. In comparison to those ‘exemplary prototypes’, low self-esteem and anxiety in people’s life stems from self-dissatisfaction over their appearance. Consequently, they incline to blame all the setbacks encountered on the absence of a desirable body. In this sense, the ideals of beauty aims to overstate the proportion of appearance in one’s overall attractiveness, contributing to psychological unstability.

It is worth mentioning that some may still argue that the promoted ideals gathers momentum for the updating of fashion industry, in which way produce a positive influence on the society. Albeit there might be some truth in it, the argument lose sight of the fact that the archetypes of beauty in this day and age are so confined. With the ongoing globalization, the construction of beauty are formulated...

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