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Why The Moon Changes Shape Essay

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Years passed with pitch black nights. These nights frightened people all around the world. When the sun goes down, chaos arises. For hours, wails of help, cries, and screams filled the streets. Day by day, many lives were lost, items were stolen and houses were damaged. The people of the town took advantage of the bloody, sinister nights. When the sun went up, everything was at peace again. Every night, people prayed to the Gods for this to stop. All the greek Gods laughed at their prayers and watched every single person presented in the dark get slaughtered. Until one day, when Hyperion and Theia had a daughter named, Selene.
Selene loved the humans of earth. She helped every single one of them. She was kind-hearted, generous, and admirable. For some unusual reason, her parents always locked her up in a room so far above the ground at night. For 12 years, Selene always wondered why she was the only sister locked up in the room ...view middle of the document...

No one knows who its hurting them because its so dark. Guards are on watch during the day so no one does anything threatening or violent.” Selene then healed the man. She explored many towns and realized this was happening everywhere. Selene grew angry at her parents for keeping this secret from her and locking her in a room for nearly all her life.
The next morning, Selene created a huge ball of light and place it beyond the Earth where the sun and many other planets rotated. She anxiously waited at night to see what the humans thought about it and what would happen. Hours passed and the time came. The sun began to fall and the ball of light rose. Selene explored around once again and realized the humans were amazed and they enjoyed looking at it. Days passed with peace, but then chaos broke out once again. In some areas, it was not as bright as others. The ball was not bright enough to keep these nasty humans off the streets to stop stealing, killing and destroying things. Selene had to think of something quick.
Selene decided to fill the ball of light with trillions of smaller lights that twinkled. When night fell once again, the ball of light released billions of the smaller lights that lit the sky so beautifully. This stopped all the madness that was going on. Humans needed a name to call the ball of light so, they came up with, “Moon” and for the smaller lights, due to the fact they twinkled, humans called them, “Stars.” As months passed by, humans realized that the moon got big then small, vice versa every week. It was because everytime the moon got skinner, it was losing stars. So, every week Selene sends her workers to go up to the moon and refill it with a trillion more stars.
Every blue moon, Selene soars to the moon either riding side saddle on a horse or in a chariot drawn by a pair of winged steeds. Although, violence happens every so often today, Selene could not do as much to prevent it. She and along with a billion others are also happy to see something so beautiful light up the use-to-be empty skies. That is why the moon changes its shape.

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