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Why The Olympics Shouldn't Be Thrown Away

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Blue, yellow, black, green, and red. Simple colors to many, but to few they are a sign of unity, a sign of peace, and a sign of joy. These colors represent a united world, a world that does not have the barriers of race, language, and hate to separate it. This world may seem distant, it may seem like a thing of fantasy thought up by John Lennon, but it is a reality that we have the privilege of witnessing every 2 years. Every two years we witness the world come together and live in peace and harmony for 17 days. Although many may think of these 2 weeks as a fantasy, many others have come to know them as the Olympics. Despite problems that threaten to undermine these ideals of peace and tranquility, we must support these games that can miraculously unite an entire world.
The Olympic games began as a man’s dream to break down the barriers race, and reestablish an ancient sporting event to showcase one’s skill to the world. They have, however, evolved into something more than that, they have evolved into an opportunity for government of countries to assert their power and dominance, for corporate giants to expand their paychecks, and for athletes to unfairly win fame in their countries. These detriments to such a beautiful system, however, can be fixed, but something that can perhaps never be fixed or found again is a way to unite the world in perfect harmony. There may never again be another way to unite countries from Asia to the Americas in peace and harmony, there may never be another way for elite athletes to showcase their skills to the entire world, and their may never be another way to break down the barriers of hate that constrict our world so tightly.
Steroids have a strong presence in the Olympic games, and have ruined and will continue to ruin certain aspects the games as long as they are made. People will continually try and make more undetectable performance enhancing drugs, and people will continually buy these new drugs. But are steroids used by all of the Olympic athletes? No. Would it be fair to strip the games from these so dedicated athletes that do not use steroids due to their peers’ decision making? No, that would be similar to a whole neighborhood being jailed for a single crime in their neighborhood. Using steroids is a crime, but not as severe a crime as depriving elite athletes their chance to show the world what they have trained for so long for.
Aside from steroids tarnishing the reputation of...

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