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Why The Play "The Importance Of Being Earnest" Is Still Packing Theaters Today, Even Though It Is Over 100 Years Old.

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"The Importance of Being Earnest" has been playing to packed audiences for over a hundred years. Why do you think it has remained so popular?"The Importance of Being Earnest" was first performed in 1895. The year marked the beginning of Oscar Wilde's "disgrace". Lord Alfred Douglas's father, the Marquis of Queensbury, began his campaign against Wilde. He was to die in 1900.One of the main reasons that the play has been so popular for over 100 years is because of the plot. This situation comedy is so light-hearted and has a happy, and rather unrealistic ending. The mix-up about the three couples makes you come out of the play extremely pleased and happy with the way that your life is going, as well as being positive. The neat plan of Situation -> Chaos -> Resolution is seen as very clever to many people, making the way that the play was wrote appealing to any age group. Bunburying is one of the main causes of chaos in this play as this quote shows, Algernon Moncrieff is himself a keen Bunburyist. "That is absurd. One has a right to Bunbury anywhere one chooses. Every serious Bunburyist knows that." Yet, this is not the only factor that has contributed to making this amazing play last over 100 years. Another quotation, this time to show the resolution is the last line in the play "On the contrary, Aunt Augusta, I've now realized for the first time in my life the vital Importance of Being Earnest."All the characters in this play are very strong in their metaphysical behaviour. Well they have to be, to compete with Lady Bracknell's caricature. Wilde has demonstrated what Lady Bracknell would have been like very well when she was younger in a mirror image, which is her daughter Gwendolyn. As this quotation shows, Gwendolyn can be just as rude and pompous as Lady Bracknell herself. "Personally I can not understand how anybody manages to exist in the country, if anybody who is anybody does. The country always bores me to death."Cecily is the proper young lady, who lives in the country, she is very well behaved, which is unlike her Uncle Jack and her fiancée Algernon Moncrieff. Both Algernon and Jack are men who love to be out on the town, they generally behave in the way that young men do. This is a quotation to show the way that Algernon thinks and talks. "Women only do that when they have called each other a lot of things first."Miss Prism is Cecily's tutor, she appears at first to us as a rather strict teacher, but as soon as she sets her eyes on the rather remarkable Reverend Canon Chasuble, she completely melts under his gaze, and forgets about horrible German lessons.However, it is not for these reasons that this enchanting play has lasted so long; it is because of the pure wit, humour and style of Oscar Wilde! He has succeeded in making a versatile play amusing from the first to the last word.A major part of Wilde's humour and wit is due to his impressive use of satire. Two topics, which are always under scrutiny by Oscar Wilde, are...

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1485 words - 6 pages Russell Jackson asserts that in The Importance of Being Earnest, 'Wilde simultaneously engaged with and mocked the forms and rules of society' To what extent is Wilde's play critical of society? The Importance of Being Earnest: a Trivial Comedy for Serious People is a play written by, author, poet and playwright Oscar Wilde in 1894 and debuted at St James's Theatre in London in 1895. The Importance of Being Earnest is Wilde's most eminent work

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745 words - 3 pages The morals of the Victorian Era gained renown for their strict socials roles that existed for both men and women. However, Oscar Wilde rejected these morals as he not only wrote characters but also acted as a character who flippantly disregarded the strict moral code. In his play The Importance of Being Earnest, Wilde elicits a thoughtful laughter through the constant hypocrisy and non-sequitous behaviours of Lady Bracknell. Wilde uses her to

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1219 words - 5 pages a surprise, pleasant or unpleasant, as the case may be. It is hardly a matter that she could arrange herself…” (1606). Scar Wilde through Lady Bracknell portrays the way marriage was viewed and arranged in the Victorian Era. It was not about love but about social class and also it was an arranged marriage. Throughout his play The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde explores the marriage idea as a social tool. Lady Bracknell was married into

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1823 words - 7 pages In Oscar Wilde’s satire, The Importance of Being Earnest, he engages the audience with a profound amount of conflicting dialogue starting with the title. The importance of being Ernest is quite a different meaning than the importance of being earnest. Wilde demonstrates a considerable amount of wit to unfold the importance of being both Ernest and earnest. The play centers on a young man named Jack, who incidentally has created an alter ego

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907 words - 4 pages women in his play "The Importance of Being Earnest" in many lights; a strong authority figure in Lady Bracknell, who dominates the men and women in her life. Gwendolen Fairfax who is the helpless sort-sighted city girl, that has imagined a life outside her own and the same can be said for Cecily Cardew from the country. Wilde showed that Cecily and Gwendolen lacked an identity and that is because they have lived such a sheltered life their lack

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900 words - 4 pages "The Importance of Being Earnest" was written by the famous Irish author Oscar Wilde. The play represents Wilde´s late Victorian view of the aristocracy, marriage, wit and social life during the early 1900's. His characters are typical Victorian snobs who are arrogant, overly proper, formal and concerned with money. The women are portrayed as sheltered, uneducated, and some as dominating figures over the men in their lives. There is no

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3042 words - 12 pages the main character in The Importance of Being Earnest, as we can plainly see because out of all of the utterly deranged characters in this play, he seemed to be the most lucid. He had a real taste for deception, which became eminent throughout the story. Yet even with this uncanny lying disorder, he still seemed to be realistic. His fabrications were all for his greater good, which is not at all uncommon, especially in our present self-emulating

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588 words - 2 pages comical devices are part of the nature of humor, which is the concept that a person’s flaws are funny. An example is if a person was to stand on stage and one was to point out their physical and physiological flaws in front of a big crowd. Of course everyone in the crowd would be laughing because that is the nature of humor. This is what the whole play, “The Importance of Being Earnest” is based around. The play also works perfectly on how it is setup

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1452 words - 6 pages . While, for Cecily, Algernon’s background that he is wicked and is talked much attracts her. At the same time, both ladies pursue one thing—the name Ernest. Thus, what both Gwendolen and Cecily love is Jack and Algernon’s names and attractive backgrounds, but not their personalities.In conclusion, different from Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo and Juliet, in Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest, women see

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1046 words - 4 pages the child-breeding, household running typecast. Women became active in the social scene with charities, churches, local politics and the arts. Colleges became open to women in the 1870’s and many pursued an education. However, Professional Careers were still “off limits”. The Importance of Being Earnest is a play in the comedy of manners style. The comedy of manners by definition is a witty, cerebral and dramatic form of comedy that satirizes the

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1712 words - 7 pages play. During this time period of Decadence in France and England the apprehensions of the characters are highly insignificant and conceited. The play in its entirety has a constant satiric tone in order to depict the shallow entanglements the upper society. The Importance of Being Earnest reflects a moral value, especially earnesty, dealing with human’s daily life. One may do whatever possible to reach their goal but, being earnest is a difficult task. Even though one may secretly uphold a falsehood eventually the truth will come to the light. Hence, under any circumstance honesty is always the best policy.

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1402 words - 6 pages class patrons experienced it as a sightseeing trip into the world of society”. The importance of being Earnest does not fail to comply with the comedy of manners genre. The play has no serious plot it is purely a silly play with frivolous wit. Wilde referred to his play as, “A trivial comedy for serious people” which focused on a mixture of ‘trivial comedy and serious satire’. As with many comedy of manners genres, the play is focused on and

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703 words - 3 pages The Importance of Being Earnest Comparative AnalysisThe Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde's most famous play was first performed in 1895 and is a comedy in which the protagonist, John (Jack) Worthing, creates a fictitious brother, Earnest, to escape social obligations he considered a burden. This comedic satire mocks the triviality that marriage, education, and even the value of women is given in the social world of his day. The 1952

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1037 words - 5 pages ). And it is this play, written by Irish playwright Oscar Wilde, which mocks and exposes the carefully constructed façade of British high society. As with any play, though, The Importance of Being Earnest has two settings: then and now. The challenge for the production team at Ball State University was to center the play on a theme relevant to both settings. The theme that they chose hearkens back to the debate of whether style or sincerity is

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1503 words - 7 pages lying since love is often seen as a motivating force in comedies. Even though, he may have some bad qualities, in the resolution, seeing that he apologies to Gwendolyn and asks for forgiveness as he didn’t know that ‘his whole life he has been speaking nothing but the truth’, he is seen as a virtuous person since he learnt his lesson and realised ‘the vital Importance of Being Earnest’ . On the contrary, in restoration comedies as the same plots are