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Why The Provisional Government Failes Essay

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Why did the provisional government fail?The government enhirtied huge resonpibility when they came in power and had many contibuting factors to the fall of the government and the take over by the Bolsheviks. I factor I believe to be the most important is they did not deal with serios problems concerning the majority of Russia. There was the issue of land and had the option of redistributing it to a small majority of the peasants or avoid the situtation overall. The problems with this is they could not decide who would be ...view middle of the document...

There was the main concern of the was and whether to surrender ot not. The logical odea of surrendering is that it would help it would contibute to the food shortages and food would not be prioitised to the men in the war but they would have to pay money to Germany which they did not have and they would loose financial support from the triple alliance. The government chose to continue fighting which lost the loyalty of the public as it meant food shotages continued to go down as well as fuel shortages.Another factor was that soviet order 1 said anything they decided to do or make changes to had to go through with them which made it hard for them to be powerful when most of the changes they wanted to make and could be benificial may not of been authorised and this resticted them with many opertunities such as the redistributing of the land. Even if they chose to do this it was almost impossible to do at the time with the war and it was not a logical idea also it would of been benificial.

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