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Why The Religious Law About Pure Sex Is Beneficial For Jewish Orthodox Women?

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Most religions of the world address moral issues that arise from people's sexuality within the human interactions. “Sex and religion- two of the most powerful, passionate, and poetic aspects of human existence”( “Manning and Zuckerman pg. 1“). There are many distinct religious beliefs about the complexion of sexuality and the appropriateness of various sexual behaviors. “Some religious (or aspects within them) can be described as comparatively “sex positive”. By “sex positive“, we mean that sensual, erotic activity involving the consensual pursuit and / or actualization of gratifying bodily pleasure is understood as natural and acceptable , even holy. Conversely, some religions (or aspects within them) can be described as “sex negative”, that is, sensual, erotic activity involving the consensual pursuit and / or actualization of gratifying bodily pleasure is understood as unnatural and unacceptable, even sinful” ( “Manning and Zuckerman pg. 2“).
In Judaism, sex is not considered shameful or sinful. “Judaism blesses sex, but Only sex between a man and a woman who are married and are touching one another during appropriate times of the months, careful to avoid the impurity of menstruation” ( “Manning and Zuckerman pg. 8“). In many religions and cultures menstrual blood considered as ritually unclean or impure. Judaism views menstruating women as a potential source of both life and death. “Female sexuality could lead to new life (the Birth of a child) or to bleeding and death (menstruation)”. ( “Manning and Zuckerman pg. 8“). Reminds me the film “Divine Women: When God was a Girl”, introduced by the historian Bettany Hughes, that had an interesting thesis, emphasized the role that women played in the social life of ancient times, and gathered evidences suggesting that women were close to the divine. The double-sided statue looks pregnant on one side and skeletal on the other. ‘The goddess of life and death which represents the circle of life” (“Divine Women: When God was a Girl”).
According to the Jewish religion, when women keeping the family purity law it makes her close to the divine- God. Taharat HaMishpacha, or Jewish family purity law disallow all physical contact, including sexual intercourse between a husband and wife while she is menstruating and has a status of “niddah”. The word “niddah” means separation, generally; as a result of menstrual impurity. The stage of separation starts at the first sign of blood and ends in the evening of the woman's seventh clean day, then women must immerse herself in a kosher ritual pool –“mikvah”. The mikvah, necessarily, needs to contain a minimum of two hundred gallons of rainwater gathered and transmitted into the pool with a specific set of regulations. Scientifically, mikvah does not provide physical clearness ,but rather implements the ritual of purification. Nowdays, mikvach looks like a modern spa with the luxurious bath, fresh aromatic towels, individual...

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