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Why The Range Of Indicators Used To Measure Development Has Increased In Recent Years

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Why the Range of Indicators Used to Measure Development Has Increased in Recent Years

Essentially the ideology of development was based on a countries GNP
this was down to Rostow’s Model; therefore the only indicator of
development was a countries economy. The ideologies have changed and
now there are a range of indicators that are used to classify a
countries development such as social, demographic, hence including
quality of life this gives the ideology of development a more multi
dimensional view thus a better understand of what a developed country

There are three categories that are used to measure development they
are economic, social and demographic. Some economic factors used to
measure development are GNP, Infrastructure and energy consumption.
GNP has always traditionally defined a countries development, with GNP
giving an average wealth of the total population it is clear why it
was considered the only factor in measuring development but there is
huge flaws in measuring development sole on the economy of a country
for example rich middle east oil producing countries may have a large
GNP but most of the money within that country is dived by the very
wealthy and the poverty stricken. Other limitations in using GNP is
that it needs to measure by a currency and with currencies always
changing figures can become less accurate. Also in LEDC’s figures are
less accurate and a lot of business is done within the informal sector
thus leaving GNP figures very unreliable. It also does not take into
account the cost of living is different depending on countries for
example 10 dollars in and LEDC will buy a person a lot more than what
it would buy you in America. GNP’s frequent use suggest that
development is only based on a countries wealth, where as this not
true because development is multi dimensional process. The other
economic factors such as better transport link and...

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