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Why The U.S. Insists On Going To War.

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Why does the United States of America insist on going to war?The USA likes to pick fights and butt in on other people's fights. That's a fact that has been seen many times in our history. When the Indians owned the land in the southern us, the army went in and made them leave so that the American people could come in and have farmland. In WW1 when the French and Germans were fighting in the trenches, we sent men over to die. In Vietnam when South Vietnam was being invaded, we sent thousands to die. The gulf war was fought just because Saddam Hussein did not do what we told him to do. But why did we have to go to war all these times?I think it is because we are looking after our interests. If the army had not moved the Indians, the US might be much smaller than it currently is. In world war one, the Germans were taking over Europe. They wanted more than their share, and they were willing to kill to get it. During World War II, the US supported Ho Chi Mihn in his fight against the Japanese. We supplied arms and equipment and showed his guerillas how to use them. Later, when Vietnam broke up, Ho Chi Mihn decided that communism was the best type of government. The US has always been against communism. That is just history. When South Vietnam asked for our help, we were more than willing to send people to fight the communists. We lost thousands of men and the US people's support of the military. And to this day, Vietnam is still communist. The gulf war was similar to WWII in that the Iraqi army invaded Kuwait. The US went in and drove the Iraqis back into their own country.On September eleventh 2001, the United States watched as four planes made history. Two of the planes hit the world trade center, which eventually caused their collapse killing many innocent people. One plane hit the pentagon, the headquarters for all the US military, and again killed many people. The fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers had heard about the other three planes. This plane, in my opinion, had some of the bravest people in the world....

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