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Why The U.S Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered To Eighteen

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never enter any night clubs unless you reached the adult age. In some parts of Australia, they prohibit eighteen years old from purchasing, consuming, or even be found in possession of alcohol outside of a private home. But all these things the kids can't do when there's parent or guardian with them but as long as either one is present then they can and have the permission to drink and consume alcohol
Dr. Ruth Engs, a professor of Applies Health Sciences at Indiana University in Bloomington had an interview with Dr. Hanson from the State University of New York about lowering the drinking age. In the article, Dr. Hanson asked Dr. Ruth to explain her proposal to the idea of lowering ...view middle of the document...

If you compare a kid whose parents are both alcoholic and a kid whose parents are non-alcoholic, the kid with alcoholic parents is experiencing and dealing with a lot of situation and difficulties at home than the kid with non-alcoholic parents. That kid is more likely to be an abusive drinker almost all the time because he's always dealing with his parents irresponsible manners and most likely he's probably having problem with school and getting himself in trouble.
Sometimes, drinking is not the problem but how you approach it and how you react to it is the problem. Meaning the more you want yourself to get involved in it, the more alcohol you'll end up consuming in just a moment. And when you finally got yourself to the point where you're faded and know you don't know what you're doing, that's when everything leads to alcohol abusing and to getting in trouble with the law. Experiencing that the law prohibits young adults from consuming alcohol will only destroy moderation and promote great
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excess and abusive drinking. Also, it is being prohibited to those who now have the right to serve in the military, get married, vote and enter into legal contracts and by far this law is clearly not working. So it is much needed that the idea of going against it will never solve anything. People need to think long and hard about the situation more often and start abandoning this failed and demeaning folly and replace it with proven, realistic and successful approach. Kids in America like to drink and get drunk is because pop culture makes such a big deal about it. If a movie star gets drunk there is news about it, if a man drives drunk there’s a big news story about it. There are always bills going through legislature on alcohol. When growing up we are always told, never drink, never do those things. It’s almost when we are growing up that we are unconsciously surrounded with alcohol, and are minds are filled with thoughts about it.
If the government didn’t make such a big deal about how alcohol was so bad, then teens all across the states wouldn’t feel the need to get drunk to rebel. In Europe they don’t have a drinking problem because kids grow up with good exposure to it, and it is legal at a young age making it less of a thing. When kid in America grow up they are exposed to such bad ideas about it and such bad influences that once they are old enough to go out alone they want to try it because they want to see how bad it really is. The government needs to
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rethink this idea of shielding us and making a big deal about it, because it isn’t making us want to never drink, but instead go out and get drunk....

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