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Why The United Sates Became Increasingly Involved In The Vietnam War

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Why the United Sates Became Increasingly Involved in the Vietnam War

The United States became involved in the war in Vietnam for many
reasons. The main reason of which is the Cold War. No fighting between
the two countries actually took place due to both countries owning
nuclear weapons which were used as a deterrent but got at each other
by involving themselves in the issues of other countries that had a
knock on effect on each other. The Cold War was a war that initiated
between the US and Russia after World War two. The war started because
after the war Russia took over Eastern Europe and turned all of the
countries under its control communist. However the US wanted Europe to
stay capitalist and took over the west of Europe. Capitalism is the
idea of every body working for themselves and making their own way up
and having clear divisions between rich and poor. Capitalists have
private schools and healthcare etc. Communism is the idea that the
workers rule the world; there are no divisions in society and
everybody being equal. Communists have public schools and healthcare.
After Germany was divided through Berlin by the Berlin Wall the whole
of East and West Europe was divided by what Churchill famously called
The Iron Curtain. The war in Vietnam started because they didn't want
the same effect in South East Asia.

Now that the iron curtain had been placed between the two political
divisions in Europe the US had to stop the west from turning
communist. To do this it used the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan was
the United States way of keeping the west by loaning them money to
rebuild after World War Two as long as the countries that they loaned
money to stayed capitalist. In other words they could loan America's
money as long as they adopted their ideals. This was brought about due
to the Domino Theory. This was the belief that if one country fell to
communism then all of the surrounding countries would also fall, like
a line of dominoes. In the end this never happened. Vietnam fell and
none of its surrounding countries fell after. These were both backed
up by the Truman Doctrine. At this time the US President was Harry S
Truman and he pledged to help any country fight a communist take over
with US military and governmental support. This was proven in such a
war as Korea in the 1950's where the US tried to stop a communist take
over from the north. This was sparked by the cold war and being able
to get at Russia by trying to prevent a communist take over in the
whole of Korea. These were all containment policies put in place by
America to try to prevent a worldwide communist take over and there
were all applied in Asia in the 1950's after China fell to communism
to try and prevent the domino theory. However all of these polices
were just more and more ways to get at Russia and...

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