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Why The United States Should Not Get Involved In Ukraine

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While many see Russia’s movement to admit Crimea as an attempt recreate a communist USSR-like ‘supercountry’ and the Russian government and their Pro-Russian Ukrainian counterparts have committed multiple crimes against humanity, the United States should not intervene in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Tight sanctions risk severing ties with Russia and military intervention may very well ignite World War III. This may be seen as even more democratic imperialism, which the United States has been trying to avoid recently.
Up until 1954, Ukraine was a crucial and highly profitable member of the USSR. Strategically placed between Russia and the rest of Europe, Ukraine contains many valuable ...view middle of the document...

The biggest risk to the world is how Russia may respond to sanctions or military intervention. Russia is one of the world’s military powers that controls a huge chunk of the entire world’s oil supply. They supply nearly 75% of Europe’s natural gas needs, a third of which flows through Ukraine [4]. Should they cut off shipments to greater Europe, gas prices will skyrocket across the globe (gas has already gone up nearly thirty cents in the last month). Ukraine has requested NATO support, but it is unknown how Russia will respond to NATO get intervention. NATO is made up of 28 different countries, which is more than enough to start the next world war. Russia’s ally, China is no friend to many Western countries and would likely back Russia in the event of military conflict.
Following the two-trillion dollar War in Iraq, the US has been constantly criticized both by other countries and domestically for trying to forcefully spread democracy around the world. History may see the US getting involved in places it does not belong again. The United States cannot afford military intervention in Crimea, neither politically nor financially. While ignoring the moves of the Soviets during the 1940s and 50s allowed the USSR to form, during a time of turmoil (post-WWII), and the USSR essentially rose out of the war-torn ashes. However, Europe is much more stable now, and a quiet...

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